Project Description

Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester

Leather Crumpling Resistance Tester

Scott Type Crease-flex Abrasion Tester is a leather testing machine intended for the determination of crumpling resistance of leather, rubber, fabrics, etc.
One end of the test piece is secured to the left clamp, and the other end is attached to the right clamp. The travel distance and reciprocating number are preset. The degree of abrasion of the specimen is determined after the sample under appropriate pressure is bent and crumpled for specified cycles in required conditions.

Overlap 2 test pieces in the same direction, respectively install 2 edges of the specimen on the fixed clamp and movable clamp at a distance of 30 mm, then gradually shorten the distance of above 2 clamps until the load becomes 9.8N at the frequency of 120 cycles/min. At the specified stroke, observe whether or not the surface of the test piece has cracking, damage, and separation between substrate and coating after 1000 reciprocating motions to assess the quality of the specimen.

Test standards

  • JIS K6404-6 Testing methods for rubber or plastics coated fabrics Part 6: Crease-flex test
  • JIS L1096 Testing methods for woven and knitted fabrics

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9013
Test Piece 25 mm × 120 mm (W x L)
Abrading Distance 0 ~ 60 mm(Standard 40 mm)
Test Speed 120 cpm
Press Load 4.9 to 49 N (0 ~ 5 kgf) adjustable

Spring loaded or Dead weight (Standard 9.8 N)

Test Travel 0 ~ 50 mm adjustable  (Standard 20 mm)
Counter LED, 0 ~ 999,999
Power 1 phase, AC 220V, 3 A or specified
Volume 65 mm × 50 mm × 26 mm (W × D × H)
Weight 60 kg

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