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Leather lastometer

Leather Cracking Resistance Tester (Ball Burst Method) China Supplier

Leather Lastometer is a leather testing instrument used to determine the distension and strength of the leather grain or finished surface through the ball burst method.

It is applicable to all flexible leathers and particularly suitable for the determination of leathers for footwear uppers.

Test Principle

A circular specimen is secured around its edge and is gradually distended by forcing a steel metal ball attached to the end of the plunger, against the center of the specimen on the reverse side. At certain distension, the force and distance traveled by the plunger are measured when cracks occur on the wearing surface of the specimen, or it sustains other permanent physical damage. This distension is recorded as the cracking point or first damage. At higher distension, the material usually bursts, and this distension may also be recorded.

Test Standards

  • BS 3144.8 Measurement of distention and strength of grain by the ball burst test
  • ISO 3379 Leather-determination of distension and strength of surface (Ball burst method)
  • ISO17693 Footwear-Test methods for uppers-resistance to damage on lasting
  • DIN 53325 Testing of leather, ball compression test for determination of grain expansion capacity and the force of fracture with the lastometer
  • GB/T3903.38 Footwear-Test methods for uppers-resistance to damage on lasting
  • QB/T 3812.7 Leather-determination of distension and strength of grain-ball burst test
  • QB/T 2712 Leather-determination of distension and strength of surface (Ball burst method)
  • SATRA TM166 Slide fastener burst strength

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9011
Capability (Max Force) 1000 N
Force Accuracy 0.1 N
Aperture Diameter Φ 25 mm
Ball Size (Diameter) 6.25 mm
Test Piece Size (Diameter) 44.5 mm
Test Speed 12 mm / min
Elongation Scale 0 ~ 25 mm
Elongation Resolution 0.01 mm
Weight 40 kg
Power AC 220 V, 50 Hz or specified
Optional Accessories Specimen Pressure cutter

Cutting die of diameter: 44.5 mm

Leather lastometer Features

  • This machine is formed from precision steel and treated with protective paint on the surface.
  • Configured with a rampant motor to power the plunger to act on the test piece at a constant rate.
  • It owns a load capacity as high as 1000 N.
  • High distension resolution is as accurate as 0.01 mm.
  • Conforms to International standards stringently.
  • Fitted with an LCD screen to present real-time parameters.
  • It is easy for users to operate and maintain.

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