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gakushin type rubbing tester

JIS Gakushin Rubbing Fastness Tester | Gakushin Friction Tester China Supplier

Gakushin Rubbing Color Fastness Tester is a type of testing machine used for the determination of color fastness of dyed textiles, dyes, fabrics, leather to rubbing.

A dry or wet cotton cloth in white is attached to the end of the pivoted rubbing finger to rub against the dyed specimen at the specified speed under the given pressure. The color fastness is evaluated in a manner of comparison with the gray scale through visual inspection at completion of the friction. It is also can be served for rubbing tests of organic solvents.

There are six groups of clamps to accommodate 6 test pieces to conduct the test each time, and each rubbing arm can be raised for mounting rubbing cloth. Users lay down the rubbing arm before the test. A standard weight massing 300 g is loaded to meet the test demands.

Test Standards

JIS L0823, JIS L0849 Type2, JIS L1006, JIS L1084, JIS L 0862 Type2, JIS L0801, TSL5100G Section 4.8.1A QB/T 1646, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9012
Specimen Size 220 × 30 mm
White Cotton Cloth 50 × 50 mm
Rubbing Speed 30 cpm
Rubbing Head Size 45 × 50 mm
Rubbing Hammer Load 200 g
Auxiliary Rubbing Load 300 g
Rubbing Distance 100 mm
Round Test Bench R200 mm
Counter LCD display 0 ~ 999,999
Motor 1/4 HP
Machine size 57 × 55 × 33 cm
Weight 60 kg
Power 1 phase, AC220 V, 3 A or AC 110 V

JIS Gakushin Rubbing Fastness Tester Features

  • Equipped with six sets of clamps in one machine.
  • Configured with a quality motor to drive the machine to implement reciprocating movements at constant velocity.
  • The rubbing finger allows to be lifted freely for the specimen mounting.
  • The microprocessor controls the rubbing cycles based on the predetermined value.
  • It features ease of maintenance and operation.

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