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Hardness is the local resistance of a material to the pressure of a hard object into its surface, divided into relative hardness and absolute hardness.

Shore Hardness Tester is intended to measure the relative hardness of the plastic, rubber, foams, etc., which is an indispensable measuring instrument for studying these materials.

Shore durometers consist of various types, including A & C & D. Type A is for specimens in the normal-hardness grade such as Medium and low hardness plastics, leather, all kinds of rubber, polyester, wax. Type C is for specimens in the low-hardness grade such as foam, sponge, shoes with cellular structure and other low hardness materials. Type D is for specimens in high-hardness grade, such as hard rubber, hard resin, glass, printing plate, fiber, acrylic and other hard materials.

Different from the traditional pointer-type durometer, this digital (electronic) shore durometer is free of manual reading. A load cell in the durometer guarantees more precision test results than that by mechanical one. The test value is locked and displayed automatically on the screen after the pressure foot is in contact with the surface of the test piece. It comes with a stand allowing the durometer to be used with a weight centered on the vertical axis of the indentor to apply pressure to the specimen so that it is easy to operate during the test and improve the test accuracy.

Test Principle

An indentor formed from rigid steel is pressured perpendicularly into the upper surface of the test piece positioned at the specified place until the pressure foot is in firm contact with the test sample. Indentor enters into the specimen producing a penetration length L to indicate the intensity of hardness. The bigger the L is, the lower the hardness is. The calculating formula is H = 100 – l / 0.025.

Measurement Standards

ISO 7619, ISO 868, ASTM D 2240, DIN 53505, etc.

Main Specifications

Dial value: 0 ~ 100 HD
Recommended range of measurement: 20 ~ 90 HD
Indentor travel: 2.5 mm
Pressure tip: SR 0.1 mm

Shore Durometer Hardness Tester Features

  • Comply with relevant hardness measurement standards strictly.
  • The compact design facilitates easy operation conveniently.
  • Powered by button cells & household voltage (through a voltage adaptor).
  • Test readings taken automatically are displayed on the digital screen.
  • Equipped with a precision load cell to electronically lock the data for lower error and higher precision.
  • Users can freely choose whether to use a stand during the measurement.

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