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Bulb-type UV Light Discoloration Tester is also referred to as the yellowing resistance chamber, which can simulate the UV (ultraviolet) radiation and heat emitted from the sun, exposing the test pieces to this artificial environment to accept irradiation within a relatively short time. After hours of testing, the operator observes the degree of discoloration and compares the exposed specimen with the unexposed specimen using the Grey Scale to evaluate the performance of the specimen’s color fastness.

This UV light discoloration tester is equipped with a 300 W fluorescent UV lamp as a light source. Its UV intensity is (25 ± 0.4) W / m². The wavelength is 280 nm-400 nm. The bulb has to be replaced every 1000 h after used.

This test chamber has a heat-up function working through hot air circulation, but this UV light discoloration tester has no humidifying function or water spray function. If you wanna more functions, directly check the UV Test Chamber.

It is widely applicable to yellowing resistance tests for white or light-colored leathers, rubbers, upper materials, sole materials, fabrics, etc.

It is an all-purpose test chamber. Not only can it be used to test discoloration, but it also can be used for aging resistance tests. After mounting the lamp, This chamber can be used to test the discoloration resistance under UV irradiation and high temperature. After dismounting the lamp, it can be used to conduct the anti-aging test under a constant high-temperature environment.

UV light discoloration tester

Test Standards

  • ASTM-D1148-95 Test method of discoloration for footwear
  • HG/T 3689 Test method of discoloration for footwear

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9004A
Lighting Type fluorescent UV lamp (Power 300 W, OSRAM)
Ultraviolet Intensity (25 ± 0.4)W/ m²
Specimen Rotary Plate (shelf) φ30 cm, rotating speed: (3 ± 1) r / min. The height is adjustable
Lamp Service Time 1000 hours\
Test Area Dimension (Internal Chamber) 500 mm × 500 mm × 600 mm
Temperature Control Range RT + 10℃ ~ 100℃
Temperature Accuracy ± 2℃
Type of Heating Hot air circulation
The Distance Between Lamp and Specimen 250 ± 2 mm
Thermal Insulation Glass fiber
Timer LED,0 ~ 9999 h
Machine Overall Dimension 1000 mm × 650 mm × 1170 mm
Weight 135 kg
Power 1∮,AC 220 V,10 A or specified by customers
Standard Configurations Maine machine  1 set

OSRAM fluorescent UV lamp  300 W  1pc

Stainless steel shelf  2 pc

Specimen rotary plate  1 pc

Yellow Resistance Tester Features

  • It is a multi-purpose test chamber, which can be used to conduct discoloration resistance tests and aging resistance tests. 
  • When used as an anti-aging tester for accelerating deterioration of vulcanized rubber, the change rate before and after heated is calculated. Generally, a test specimen for one day under the temperature of 70℃ is equivalent to 6 months exposed to the natural environment.
  • When used as a discoloration resistance tester for 9 hours at 50℃ environment, It amounts to the exposure to the natural environment for half a year.
  • This tester is equipped with a rotating sample supporting plate. The speed and height are adjustable.

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