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Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester

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Project Description

Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester

ASTM D2632 Vertical Resiliometer China Manufacturer AT-R7008

Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester is a specialized rubber testing instrument intended to determine the impact resilience property of solid rubber via measurements of the vertical rebound heights of a dropped mass.

Resilience is a function of both the dynamic modulus and internal friction of rubber. It is very sensitive to temperature changes and the plunger’s penetration depth, so resilience values from different types of rebound instruments or at different times may be different.

This Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester is very useful in producing compounds designed to absorb vibration or shock.

Test Principle

The top of the plunger is positioned at a height aligned with 100 marked on the scale above the specimen(the drop travel of the plunger is 400 mm).

After release, the plunger slides freely on the vertical rod to hit the specimen. The rebound height is visually measured. Each specimen is tested six times.

The first three testings are not recorded, and the subsequent rebound heights of the 4th, 5th and 6th impacts are recorded, respectively. The mean value of these three heights is the resilience value, and the result is expressed as a percentage.

Test Standard

ASTM D2632 Standard Test Method for Rubber Property – Resilience by Vertical Rebound

Main Specifications

Model AT-R7008
Dropping Height 400 ± 1 mm
Plunger Mass 28 ± 0.5 g
Sample Size 28 mm in diameter
Sample Thickness 12.5 mm
Weight 10 kg
Volume 25 × 15 × 52 cm
Packaging Wooden case

Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester Features

  • Made of stainless steel, which is corrosion and rust-resistant.
  • The design is strictly based on ASTM D2632 standards.
  • Simple structure and mechanism to guarantee easy operation and durability.
  • Equipped with a high-precision omnidirectional bubble level and four leveling screws at four corners to adjust the perpendicularity of the plunger guide to the instrument base.
  • The height of the drop point and resilience scale is adjustable.
  • Fitted with an adjustable viewing window for easy reading the rebound height.
  • It is convenient and easy to maintain for users.

Difference Between Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester and Schob Type Pendulum Rebound Resilience Tester

Although the test objects of the Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester and Schob Type Pendulum Rebound Resilience Tester are rubber, and they are both instruments used to understand and master the resilience of rubber and rubber products, there are still many differences between the two.

Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester

AT-R7008 Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester


schob type pendulum Rubber Rebound Resilience Elasticity Tester

AT-R7015 Pendulum Rebound Resilience Tester

Different Application Standards

The standard of The vertical rebound resilience tester is ASTM D 2632

The pendulum rebound resilience tester’s standards include BS ISO 4662, ASTM D 7121, DIN 53512, DIN 53573, ASTM D 1054, etc.

Obviously, the latter applies more standards than the former.

Different Requirements for Specimens

The vertical Rebound Resilience Tester is mainly used to test all solid rubber, and is not suitable for cellular rubbers.

The pendulum rebound resilience tester is used to test the hardness of rubber between 30 IRHD and 85 IRHD, regardless of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber. (You can use a rubber hardness tester to test the hardness of the sample before preparing the sample).

Different Test Principle

The vertical Rebound Resilience Tester determines the ratio of rebound height to drop height of a metal plunger of specified mass and shape after it falls on the specimen.

The Pendulum Rebound Resilience Tester is to determines the ratio of the energy returned to the energy applied when a hammer with a spherical indentor impacts a specimen under the prescribed conditions.

Different Test Methods

The vertical rebound resilience tester:

You raise the plunger to a height of 400 mm above the surface of the sample, and then release the plunger sliding on the plunger guide to impact the specimen in a vertical drop, to measure the rebound height of the plunger visually.

The pendulum rebound resilience tester:

You raise the pendulum rod and lock it in a horizontal position, then release the pendulum peen, and the spherical indentor attached to the hammer impacts the lower specimen laterally along an arc. The pointer on the analog scale will move the corresponding angle of rebound synchronously. You can read the rebound reading.

How to Use the Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester

  • Level the tester and elevate the plunger to a given height(The top of the plunger is in line with the position of 100 on the scale which is divided into 100 equal parts. The drop height is always 400± 1 mm above the specimen surface).
  • Release the plunger, ensuring it slides freely on the vertical rod.
  • Measure 3 test pieces from the same sample, making 6 test determinations on each test piece. Don’t relocate the specimen once the initial test determination has been made.
  • Record the last 3 test determinations as the rebound heights to calculate the test result in percent.


How to Pack This Rebound Resilience Testing Instrument?2021-10-09T09:12:30+00:00

To avoid damage or breakdown of the rebound instrument during transportation, the instrument will be wrapped up by air bubble film, then packaged by a wooden case. Your products will get 5-star protection.

Why is the Drop Height of 400 mm Divided into 100 Equal Parts?2021-10-09T09:04:09+00:00

It is convenient for you to calculate the rest result. A test determination is equal to the resilience value in percent.

How to Mount the Specimen into the Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester?2021-10-09T09:02:14+00:00

The first step is twisting off the screw located in the lower half of the supporting rod, then hold the middle part of the rod with a single hand and raise the whole movable assembly to place the specimen on the fixed stainless steel seat with the other hand, enabling it to be located directly below the end of the plunger guide. Finally, put the screw back on and tighten it to lock it.

How to Prepare the Specimen for the Rebound Resilience Test?2021-10-09T09:00:49+00:00

You can cut specimens from a sample or molded. The thickness is 12.5 ± 0.5 mm (0.50 mm ± 0.02 mm inch).

The drop point of the plunger is not less than 14 mm (0.5 inches) from the edge of the specimen. For circular specimens, our suggested diameter of the specimen is 28 mm.

How to Calibrate This Rebound Resilience Tester?2021-10-09T09:01:17+00:00

You need a mechanical spring calibration device to calibrate this rebound tester.

spring calibration device

The force required to compress the spring 3.302 ± 0.0254 mm (0.130 ± 0.010 inches), while mounted in the receptacle, shall be 44.45 ± 0.4445 N (4532.6 ± 45.33 gf).

After the mechanical spring calibration device is mounted into the instrument, do the 3 sets of 5 readings and average each set. Each set becomes a test determination.

Average the 3 test determinations to the nearest whole number. This whole number is the resilience calibration value of this instrument.

How to Level the Vertical Rebound Resilience Tester?2021-10-09T08:53:48+00:00

In the area on the short side of the instrument’s base, you will find a circular gadget similar to a watch dial. As the instrument moves, you will see the moving liquid inside, and there is a bubble in the liquid.

bubble level of vertical resilience tester

Yes, this is an universal bubble level. In addition, you can also find 4 screws at the four corners of the black base. These parts are to help you adjust the level of this vertical rebound resilience tester.

When you place the instrument on the bench in the laboratory, if the bubble is in the middle of the disc, it means that the instrument is level.

If you find that the bubble is not at the center, it means that the instrument is not in a horizontal state.

You need to manually turn one or more of the four leveling screws to adjust the height of the base in different directions until the bubble runs to the center of the disc (You are required to observe the position of the bubble when adjusting, generally in which direction the bubble is, You find the screw that corresponds to this direction, and then slowly rotate the screw to increase the height).

What’s Your After-sales Policy?2021-10-10T10:07:24+00:00

The moment you receive the machine, our after-sales staff will be there for you at any time. In addition to providing detailed operation manuals to guide you on how to use the machine for the first time, if necessary, we will also provide immediate support and help in the form of videos. If you encounter any problems during the use of the instrument, please get in touch with us immediately. We will respond within 2 – 4 hours and send the solution to you within one working day.

We provide 18 months of quality assurance and lifetime technical support. During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem caused by non-human reasons, AMADE TECH will solve it for you free of charge.

When Can I Expect My Order After Placing an Order?2021-10-09T09:09:31+00:00

We can’t bear to let you wait too long after placing an order. Under normal circumstances, your machine will be shipped within 2 – 3 working days after your payment is reached. Adding the transit time, it will take about 10 days to receive your goods in total.

By What Shipping Method Do You Ship? And How Long will it take?2021-10-09T09:08:45+00:00

Because this device is not large in weight and volume, international express is what we recommend most. Shipping charges will be included separately in the quotation sheet.

The shipping procedure is simple. We will be in charge of all affairs in our country and prepare all documents required for shipment. All you have to do is to wait until delivered to your hands.

The shipping time by the International Express will be about 3-7 working.

If you like other shipping methods like by boat or air. No issues. We fully support your preference.
Please advise your requirements in advance, and we will propose a corresponding shipping solution to meet your request.

For any questions, contact us at any time.

When I Receive This Tester from Amade-tech, How Do I Install and Use It?2021-10-09T09:11:07+00:00

It is ready to use when you receive the goods. This machine will be installed, debugged and calibrated well before it leaves our factory. When you first use our machine, you can easily complete the testing by referring to our user manual.

Why Do You Choose AMADE TECH as the Testing Equipment Supplier?2021-10-10T10:05:25+00:00

Competitive Prices

We are a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of testing equipment. As everyone knows, China is known as the world’s factory because it has the world’s most complete industrial categories, low labor costs and technological advantages. With a series of cost advantages and efficient management policies, our products have considerable price advantages among similar products. If you buy the same instrument in your home country, it may cost several times more.

Our low prices are not at the expense of quality, as we have skilled workers, excellent technicians and management personnel. High-quality materials are used in the manufacture of the machine. The core components of many products are from top international brands. Strict quality control ensures that products meet customer expectations.

competitive price from amade tech
testing objects of AMADE TECH

Abundant Products

Our testing equipment covers different industries. Each industry includes a variety of equipment to meet different testing needs. Sometimes, you may not just look for one device. It may take a lot of time and energy to find different instruments in different places.

Here at AMADE TECH, you can complete your purchase requirements in one stop. In addition to supplying our machines, we have a dedicated purchasing team to help you source any other equipment made in China at reasonable prices. Purchasing here will be an awesome and cost-saving experience for you.

Thoughtful Service

From pre-sales to after-sales, we have dedicated sales and technical personnel at your side at any time to answer various questions for you and respond to your various needs.

When you receive our product, a detailed operation manual will be attached to guide you to operate this machine. The technical team is available to assist you for any requirements. We provide 12 – 18 months of warranty and lifetime technical support for instruments. At any time, we are able to offer help on the operation, use and maintenance in various forms. Within the warranty period of the instrument, if non-human reasons cause any quality problem, we will solve it for you free of charge. Choosing AMADE TECH means choosing to be at ease.

Amade tech customer service
How to Place an Order with AMADE TECH?2021-10-10T10:05:56+00:00

The ordering steps are not complicated. The overview is as follows:

  • 1) Please leave your inquiry directly in “Send an inquiry” on this page or find the contact information on the page of “contact us” to reach us by email or other instant message channels. Normally, you will hear back from our sales staff within 12 hours. (note: Writing the test standards to be applied and the product names to be tested in your inquiry is highly recommended. )
  • 2) The professional salesman from AMADE TECH will make a complete quotation sheet and a detailed product document, then send them to your mailbox left by you in the inquiry. Price, product parameters, payment terms, shipping terms, the detailed product description will be included in the quotation.
  • 3) After the terms of the deal are agreed upon between the buyer and the seller, the AMADE salesperson will issue a Proforma Invoice for you to arrange the advance payment. When the payment is reached, your order will be arranged for production. Goods will be prepared well within the promissory delivery time. Shipment will be managed immediately after the balance payment is received. Once you get the goods, the after-sales personnel from AMADE will guide you on how to install (If necessary) and use the machine, providing lifetime technical support.


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us by [email protected], our sales team will respond soon.

Send an Inquiry

Please feel free to contact us for more details on the product, price, lead time, payment terms, shipment methods, etc. Amadetech sales specialists will respond within one working day.

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