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Rubber Rebound Resilience Elasticity Tester

Pendulum Impact Elasticity Tester China Supplier

Rubber Rebound Resilience Tester is designed to determine the rebound resilience of rubber, flexible cellular materials, thermoplastics, elastomers, soft elastic foams subjected to impact by a pendulum from a specified height, to obtain the optimum applicability, the quality differentiation of various materials, and changes of characteristics after the aging test, etc. The rebound resistance test is an effective method to get quality assurance during the rubber production process or on the finished products.

When the elastomer is struck by an external force, an energy input is involved, some of which is returned when the rubber returns to its original state. The rest energy which is not returned is dissipated as heat in the elastomer. The ratio of the energy returned to the energy exerted is called resilience. When the deformation is an indentation due to a single impact, this ratio is referred to as rebound resilience. The rebound resilience value is not always constant for one material due to variations of testing temperature, strain distribution, strain rate, strain energy and strain history.

Test Principle

A test piece with the plane and parallel surfaces clamped into the rebound resilience testing machine is impacted on one surface by a pendulum with a spherical end from a defined height. The rebound resilience is evaluated by measuring the energy of the impacting mass immediately before and after impact.

Test Standards

DIN 53512, ISO 4662, Adidas CE-12, DIN53573, ASTM D 1054, etc.

Main Parameters

Model AT-R7015
Impact Energy 0.5 J, 0.2 J
Range of Display 0 ~ 100%, Resolution 1%
Impact Angle 90 degree
Length of Pendulum 200 mm
Impact Speed 1.4 ~ 2.04 m / sec
Specimen Thickness Range 0 ~ 60 mm
Moving Axis Mini. Scale 1 mm
Elastic Material Test Striker Impact energy: 0.5 J

Hemisphere dia.: 15 mm

Foam Material Test Striker Impact energy: 0.2 J

Shape A Hemisphere dia.: 30 mm

Shape B cylinder dia.: 40 mm, and round end radius: 40 mm

Dimension 62 × 12 × 33 cm
Weight 38 kg
Accessories 3 pcs Impact heads


  • This machine is applicable to specimens, whose hardness range is from 30 IRHD to 85 IRHD.
  • Equipped with devices for elastic materials and foaming materials to meet different testing requirements.
  • It adopts an arc dial display with 100 equal parts, owning higher accuracy relative to vertical scale.
  • It can display the maximum rebound value and reset the pointer manually after the test is completed.
  • The clamping thickness of the test piece is adjustable within the range, which is capable of clamping materials in different thicknesses.
  • The Simple structure facilitates easy operation and convenient maintenance.

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