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Rubber Compression rebound resilience tester

Silicone Rubber Compression Set Tester China Manufacturer

Rubber Compression Rebound Resilience Tester is designed to determine the compression rebound performance of rubber intended for applications in which the rubber will be subjected to compressive stresses in air. The compression set test can help people in mastering the ability of rubber compounds to maintain the shape and elastic properties after prolonged action under compressive stresses. It also can be used for silicone EPDM compression set testing.

It is applicable to the rubber used in machinery mountings, vibration dampers and seals.

Test Principle

A standard test piece whose thickness is measured is flat placed on the test plate and compressed by a specified force, and maintained under this condition for a prescribed time and at a specified temperature(Place the assembled compression device in the oven and allow it to remain there for the required test period in dry air at the test temperature selected. At the end of the test period, take the apparatus from the oven and remove the test piece immediately and allow it to cool). The residual deformation of a test piece is measured 30 minutes after removal from the testing machine to calculate the compression set, expressed as a percentage of the original thickness.

Main Parameters

Model AT-R7019
Dial Indicator 0.01 ~ 50 mm
Compressed Force 1.8 KN
Number Specimen 3~27 pcs
Dimension 35 mm × 35 mm × 70 mm
Weight 40 kg
Packaging Wooden case

Compression Rebound  Tester Features

  • Two parallel compression plates are made of rigidly qualified steel to ensure the accuracy of testing.
  • It is easy to apply the force to the specimen by rotating the handwheel clockwise.
  • The testing shall be conducted with the help of a rubber thickness gauge and laboratory forced ventilation oven(Aging Chamber).
  • The simple structure facilitates ease of operation and maintenance.

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