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Rubber Tensile Testing Machine

Rubber Tensile Strength Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Rubber Tensile Testing Machine is the most popular testing machine intended to measure the tensile strength of rubber or elastomer and conduct compression, bending, shear, tear, peel, and other tests by means of various jigs.

The tensile strength of rubber or elastomer refers to the maximum uniform plasticity stress produced by the material and the ultimate ability of the material to resist tensile damage.

Tensile performance is one of the important indexes of rubber materials. The service life of the rubber is related to its tensile strength. When inspecting the quality of the finished product, designing the rubber formula, arranging the production process, and determining the rubber aging and liquid resistance properties, the tensile property usually has to be tested for identification. Therefore, the tensile property is one of the essential and routine testing items for rubber. The load per unit thickness when the sample is torn is the tearing strength.


Test Standards

ISO 37, DIN 53504, ASTM D412, ASTM D624, ASTM D638, JIS K6301, ISO 34-1 ISO34-2, etc.

Test Principle

A sample is positioned between two clamps, one is a moving gripper, and the other is a stationary gripper. Under the movement of the moving clamp, the specimen mounted on the both clamps is pulled up or compressed under a certain force. Through the force value sensor and the built-in displacement sensor of the machine, the force value change and the displacement change during the test are collected in real time by the data acquisition system. The test results can be automatically calculated by the system and presented via a monitor, and the test results are editable and can be stored by users.

Main Parameters

Model AT-R7023-A AT-R7023-B
Capacity 10 KN, 20 KN 2.5 KN, 5 KN
Unit Exchange Kgf, lbf, N, kN
Load Cell Accuracy ± 0.5% of indicating value
Force Resolution 1/250,000
Deformation Measurement Resolution 0.001 mm
Test Speed 0.001 mm/min ~ 1000 mm/min
Test Travel 800 mm (exclude fixture) 600 mm (exclude fixture)
Width Between Two Columns 400 mm /
Communication Interface Ethernet
Control Mode/Display/Output Professional Universal testing software
Transmission Mode AC serve motor + Driver + High precision ball screw
Fixtures and Grips

Elongation measurement

Tensile/Tearing Grips/Extensometer

(other fixtures and jigs are options with extra cost)

Pneumatic/manual clamp optional

Power supply AC 220 V,50 Hz,1 phase, 5 A

Tensile Testing Machine Features

  1. Innovative Design—owns an elegant appearance and made of rigid steel with anti-corrosion treatment.
  2. Precision Transmission Mechanism—Fitted with precision double slide rods, twin screws, the mute structure, and the screw telescopic dust curtain.
  3. Advanced Control Mode—Configured with the PID closed-loop control and the complete computer data acquisition and motion control.
  4. Powerful Software Function—Provides a fully open test software under Windows XP/WIN7/WIN10 operating system. Users can use the existing functions of the software to complete almost all the mechanical test items or edit the test method according to actual needs. Test results can be shared with office software such as the Office.
  5. Ultra-high Test Accuracy—Owns the force accuracy greater than 0.5 level, 1/10,000 force resolution, deformation measurement resolution up to 0.001mm.
  6. Intelligent Configuration—Including limit protection, overload protection, automatic return, and power-off memory to ensure user’s operation safety.
  7. Professional Software—provides statistical analysis of grouped samples, superposition analysis of test curves, elastic modulus analysis, and test parameters setting, printing, viewing, clearing, calibration, etc.
  8. The Pneumatic Sample Cutting Press Machine, Manual Sample Cutting Press and Rubber Specimen Cutting Dies are also procurable from Amadetech.

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