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Tensile Testing Machine for footwear

Shoe Tensile Testing Equipment China Supplier

Universal Tensile Testing Machine is a necessary footwear testing equipment used for tensile tests, peeling tests, strength tests and tear tests on different footwear specimens, including whole footwear, shoe materials, shoe accessories, etc.

It features a vast range of applications in footwear testing by means of replacements of various special jaws or fixtures. 

There are lots of determinations that can be implemented via this footwear tensile testing machine, including bond strength of upper, outsole or sole inter-layer, tear strength of upper, outsole, lining or tongue, the tensile strength of upper materials, strength of stitched seams in upper and lining materials, Elongation of elastic, Peeling strength & Shear strength of hook and loop touch fasteners, strength of sandal toe posts, attachment strength of shoe lace tags, eyelets, strength of eyelet facings and other laced fastenings, Strength of buckle fastening assemblies, pull-off strength of ladies high heel and top piece, etc.

Test Standards

  • SATRA TM5, TM30, TM51, TM52, TM53, TM102, TM108, TM113, TM117, TM118, TM120, TM123, TM149, TM150, TM162, TM175, TM181, TM401, TM411, TM410.
  • FIA1206 ASTM D5169, ASTM D517.
  • BS 5131-2.6, 3.7, 5.13, 5.11.
  • ISO 22650, ISO 19958, ISO 3377-1, ISO 3377-2, ISO 11644, ISO 20866, ISO 20867, ISO 19957, ISO 20874, ISO 20344-5.2.4, ISO 20345-, ISO 17698, ISO 20875, ISO 22777, ISO 22776, ISO 22654, ISO 20863, ISO 20876, ISO 17695, ISO 17697, ISO34-1, ISO36, ISO37, ISO 17708, ISO 17696, ISO 17706, ISO 22650.
  • AS/NZS 2210.2-5.2.4, etc.


Main Technical Specifications

Model AT-F3030A AT-F3030B
Max. Capacity 5 kN 5 kN
Control Mode LCD Digital screen A. Professional software based on windows operating system

B. Closed-loop control, with anti-interference

Control Method Predetermined force / displacement
Motor AC frequency conversion motor AC Servo motor
Force Accuracy ± 1% ± 0.5%
Test Speed 25 ~ 500 mm / min 0.001 ~ 1000 mm / min
Displacement Resolution 0.01 mm 0.001 mm
Maximum travel 1000 mm (the travel distance excluding grips)
Test Data Display and Output a. Peak force (Max. force), Unit: N/kN/lbf

b. Breaking elongation

c. Displacement (Deformation), Unit: mm / inch

d. Fixed test result printed by compact thermal printer

a. Real-time display Force, Displacement, Deformation, Peak force

b. Curve of force-displacement, force-time, deformation-time, stress-strain

c. The test result can be edited and output to WORD/EXCEL/PDF and stored in the computer

Power Supply 1 phase, AC 220 V + / – 10%, 50 / 60Hz, or specified

Features of Footwear Tensile Testing Machine

  • Compared with the single column, This double-column structure is more stable and loadable, resulting in a wider testing space for convenient replacement of multiple fixtures.
  • A longer stroke can be completed during the tensile tests on more types of specimens.
  • In order to satisfy various sample test requirements, we provide regular or custom jaws and fixtures for allowing one machine to test on different specimens.
  • Precision parts and the load cell are used to ensure accuracy, reliability and durability during use.
  • We can provide and install different configurations in software and hardware according to the customer’s test accuracy requirements and test samples. There are force range, sensor accuracy, frequency conversion motor, servo motor, digital microcomputer or professional software control methods, etc.
  • We also have a single-column footwear universal testing machine AT-F3030C as an option If interested.

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