Project Description

Steel Shanks Stiffness Tester

Footwear Steel Shanks Stiffness Tester belongs to a type of footwear testing equipment, which is intended to measure the stiffness in the longitudinal direction of steel shanks used for the reinforcement of the waist region of women’s shoes and some men’s and children’s shoes.

The heel end of the steel shank is secured firmly. A downward load is applied to the front end of the steel shank as a cantilever beam enabling it to be bent and transformative. The vertical deflection of the sample is measured and used to calculate the flexural rigidity of the shank.

Test Standards

BS-5131-4.18, QB/T 1812, QB/T 1813, ISO 18896, SATRA TM 58, etc.

Main Technical Specifications

Model AT-F3021
Depth of Lower Jaw 32 mm
Beveled Angle of Front Ridge of Lower Jaw 10°
Rotation Angle of Lower Jaw Seat 30°
Length of Measuring Clip 60 ± 0.02 mm
Depth of Clamp for Front End 12 mm
Dial Gauge 0 ~ 10 mm (mini. graduation 0.01mm)
Weights 200 g
Dimension 37 × 17 × 35 cm
Weight 12 kg

What’s the Steel Shank

The steel shank as a “backbone” of the shoe is a girder that connects the heel to the sole. It is located between the outsole and the insole of a leather shoe, which is not visible from the outside, but it plays an important role in determining the interior quality of a shoe. Under the condition that areas of sole and heel are the same, whether or not the leather shoes are stable on the feet depends on the function of the steel shank.

Not only does it has enough strength and rigidity to feature footwear a good-looking appearance, but it also ensures a certain elasticity to meet comfortability during wear. If the steel shank is too soft, the heel will skew towards different directions in walking to uglify the appearance, resulting in spraining the ankle and intensifying fatigue. If the steel shank is too hard, it will be uncomfortable for the wearer, and it is easy to be broken. If steps are not stable, It may lead the wearer to slip, even brings further danger. In a word, flexural rigidity is an important safety index of leather footwear.

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