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Steel Shanks Fatigue Resistance Tester

Steel Shanks Anti-Fatigue Tester China Supplier

Steel Shanks Fatigue Resistance Tester is designed to determine the anti-fatigue performance of steel shanks used for the reinforcement of the waist region of footwear for women, men and children.

Both ends of the shank sample are clamped in a fixed lower jaw and an adjustable upper jaw, respectively. A force of 49 N on the shank perpendicular to the plane of the lower clamp faces at a rate of 4 cycles per second is exerted by the upper jaw. The total number of load cycles as each specimen breaks during the test is recorded to evaluate the specimen’s fatigue resistance.

Test Standards

  • ISO 18895 Footwear-test methods for shanks-Fatigue resistance
  • DIN EN 12958 Footwear – Test methods for shanks – Fatigue resistance
  • GB/T 28011 Shanks for footwear
  • GB/T 3903.35 Footwear-test methods for shanks-Fatigue resistance
schematic diagram of shank fatigue tester

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3022
Lower Fixed Clamp Height: 32 mm ± 2 mm
Adjustable Upper Clamp Force applied to shank:49 N ± 2 N

Rate: 4 cycles / s

Upper and Lower Grip’s Space 70 mm ± 2 mm
Applied Force to Clamp 4900 ± 50
Counter LCD, 0 ~ 999,999
Dimension 44.8 × 14 × 35 cm
Weight 30 kg
Power 1 phase, AC 220 V, 3A or Specified

Steel Shanks Anti-Fatigue Tester Features

  • This Footwear Testing Machine is made of high-quality materials.
  • When the set number of times is reached, it will stop automatically.
  • When the specimen is broken during the test, the machine will stop automatically.
  • Configured with PLC touch screen for users to set and operate the device easily.
  • It is simaple for users to use and maintain.

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