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Shoes Heat Insulation Tester

Safety Shoe Insulation Against Heat Tester China Manufacturer

Footwear Heat Insulation Tester is used to test the insulation of the complete shoe against the heat.

This footwear testing instrument is applicable to various finished shoes.

Test Pinciple

The footwear test piece is placed in the sand bath at the specified temperature and maintains for the given period. After measuring the temperatures inside the shoe or the insole before and after the test, the performance of insulation against heat is determined by means of the amount of the temperature change or whether the test piece is damaged.

Test Standards

ISO 20344 5.12, GB/T 20991 5.12, AS/NZS 2210.2 5.12 Determination of insulation against heat

Core Technical Specifications

Model AT-F3033
Sand Bath Dimension (40 ± 2) × (40 ± 2) cm, and the height at least 5 cm
Sand Granular Size 0.3 ~ 1.0 mm
Volume of Sand 5000 ± 250 cm³
Test Temperature 150 ± 5)℃ or(250 ± 5)℃
Power of Heating System (2500 ± 250) W
Thermal Transfer Medium Dia.: 5 mm steel balls and a total mass of (4 000 ± 40) g
Temperature Probe Soldered to a copper disc 2 mm thick and 15 mm dia., accurate to ±0.5°C
Temperature Measuring Device With a compensator
Power Supply 1 phase AC 220 V or specified
Accessories Temperature probe with temperature recorder  1 set

Diameter 5 mm Steel balls, 4 kg in mass

Footwear Heat Insulation Test Procedure ( for Reference)

  1. Condition the test piece until the temperature of insole is constant at (23 ± 2)℃ and perform the test under ambient conditions of (23 ± 2)℃.
  2. Preheat the sand-bath for 2 hours at least, and adjust the temperature of the hot plate to Thp and maintain this temperature during the test, record the initial temperature Ti, place the sample into the sand-bath and make sure that it gets the best contact between the footwear and the hot plate. Replace the sand around the footwear at the correct height, ensuring that the surface of the sand is homogeneously flat.
  3. Measure and record the temperature on the insole during the specified time using the temperature measuring apparatus connected to the temperature probe. Temperatures are measured to the accuracy of 0.5℃.
  4. Continue the test until the specified time has been reached. Remove the test piece and steel balls to examine any damage that affects the functionality of the footwear.
  5. The results should show the contents: the increase of temperature, a final temperature after a defined time, and report the footwear damage.

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