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Shoelace to Eyelets Abrasion Tester

Shoe Lace Against Eyelet Abrasion Tester China Manufacturer

Shoelace to Eyelet Abrasion Tester is intended to determine either abrasion resistance of shoelace against the eyelet or the performance of the eyelet subjected to repeated rubbing against the shoelace.

Thread the shoelace through the eyelet clamped by a piece of fiberboard. The shoelace is perpendicular to the plane of the eyelet. The fiberboard is at a 45-degree angle to the shoelace. The shoelace is pulled under the standard tension to move to and from through the eyelet until the damage of the shoelace occurs.

This shoelace against eyelet abrasion tester is applicable to all types of shoelaces and eyelets.

Test Standard

SATRA TM93 Abrasion between shoe laces and eyelets.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3025-A
Test Stations 6
Load (weights) 455 g ± 5 g, 6 pcs,  4.46 N
Moving Travel 76 ± 2 mm
Test Speed 100 ± 5 cpm
Fiberboard 25 × 25 mm
Eyelet Brass material,  Ф4.5 mm,  Fiberboard inner diameter: 5.0 ± 0.2 mm
Counter LCD dispaly, 0 ~ 999,999
Dimension 55 × 56 × 40 cm
Weight 62 kg
Power Supply 1 Phase, AC 220V±10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Accessories Main machine 1 set

Standard eyelet  6pcs

Eyelet fiberboard  6pcs

Shoelace Eyelets Abrasion Tester Features

  • This footwear testing machine is made of premium steel, and the surface of the machine is corrosion resistant.
  • Compact dimension features no particular demand for the test site.
  • Configured with a touch screen display to set and indicate parameters.  
  • Six working stations are available to support multiple specimens simultaneously.
  • Controlled by a microcomputer allowing the instrument to run automatically.
  • Each station can be controlled individually.
  • It is easy to use and maintain.

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