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Shoe Peeling Strength Tester

Footwear Peeling Strength Tester China Manufacturer

Shoe Peeling Strength Tester is a footwear testing instrument used to determine the peeling strength between the sole and the upper of the finished shoe under specified conditions.

The finished shoe equipped with a last is clamped into the machine. The joint between the sole and the upper is peeled off using a peeling knife. The force required when peeling is measured as the peeling force.

Test Standards

GB/T3903.3, SATRA TM404, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3026
Force Measuring Device (Gauge) For testing toe adhesion: 0 N ~ 450 N

For testing heel adhesion: 0 N ~ 900 N

Accuracy: 0.01 N

Peeling Cutter’s Width 20 ± 0.2 mm, 10 ± 0.2 mm
Peeling Cutter’s Moving Down Speed 22 ± 2 mm / min
Space Between Positioning Rod and Pulling Rod 50 ~ 70 mm adjustable
Dial Gauge 0.001 ~ 10 mm
Elevation Range 40 mm
Display Method LCD
Power 1Phase, AC 220 V ± 10% 50 Hz
Dimension 60 × 40 × 85 cm
Weight 45 kg
Standard Accessories 20 ± 0.2 mm peeling cutter  1pc

10 ± 0.2 mm peeling cutter  1pc

Shoe last  1 pair

Power line  1 pc

Optional Accessories Shoe last (Size 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44)

Angle block gauge

Shoe Peeling Strength Tester Features

  • Quality stainless steel is used to form the complete machine and accessories.
  • Fitted with a microcomputer to control the running of testing.
  • The machine’s testing precision is as high as ±1%.
  • Equipped with a touch screen for setting parameters and real-time monitoring.
  • It is easy to use and maintain.

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