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Shoe Lining Leakproofness Tester

Shoe Lining Leakproofness Tester China Supplier

Footwear Lining Leakproofness Tester is intended to evaluate that whether the lining of rubber shoes are waterproof.

The machine features a pneumatic clamp and sealing element. The test piece sealed by a rubber collar is immersed into the water bath, and filled with constant pressure air. Bubbles occur once water penetrates the specimen. The test piece will emerge from the water automatically as long as the testing time has been reached.

It can be used in the production line to control and improve the waterproof performance of footwear.

Test Standards

GB/T 20991 section 5.7, ISO 20344 section 5.7, AS/NZS 2210.2 section 5.7, ISO 8782-1, HG/T3664, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3016
Test Pieces 2 pcs (4 pcs optional)
Length of Grip 220 mm
Grips Travel (Up / Down) 320 mm
Filled Air Pressure 0 ~ 50 Kpa or specified (The air compressor is prepared by the user)
Dimension of Water Tank 42 × 42 × 32 cm
Timer LED display, 0~999,999
Dimension(W x D x H) 101 x 56.5 x 146.5 cm
Power 1 phase, AC 220 V, 3A or specified

Shoe Liner Leakproofness Tester Features

  • Amade standard Shoe Lining Leakproofness Tester can test two shoes at the same time.
  • This instrument is equipped with a pressure gauge to observe the pressure in the shoe, and the pressure injected into the shoe can be adjusted according to the test requirements.
  • A footswitch controls the pneumatic fixture, making the operation more convenient.
  • The timing can be set arbitrarily within the range of 0 ~ 999s.

Shoe Lining Leakproofness Test Procedure

Seal the top edge of the test piece, e.g. with a rubber collar through which compressed air may be fed via appropriate connections. Immerse the test piece in a waterbath up to the edge and apply a constant internal pressure of (30 ± 5) kPa for 30 s. observe the test piece throughout the test and determine whether there is a continued formation of air bubbles, indicating leakage of air. (conduct the test at a temperature of (23 ± 2)℃.)

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