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Shoe Dielectric Resistance Tester

Protective Footwear Electric Shock Resistant Tester China Manufacturer

Safety Shoe Dielectric Resistance Tester is a footwear testing device intended to determine the insulating ability of various insulated shoes. The voltage under a specified frequency is applied to the sample to obtain the withstand voltage value and leakage current value If there is no breakdown. Different models with different voltage ranges are available to suit various requirements, such as 0 ~ 20 kV and 0 ~ 30 kV.

This safety shoe dielectric withstand voltage Tester is applicable to protective footwear containing non-conductive electric shock-resistant soles or shoe materials intended to protect against accidental contact with live electrical circuits, charged conductors, parts or apparatus.

Test Principle

A voltage is applied to the shoe sample, and slowly increase the voltage to a specified value at a constant speed, and check whether the sample can withstand the specified voltage within a specified time.

Test Standards

ANS-Z41 section 4, CSA-Z195 section 5.4, AS/NZS 2210.2 section 5.11, GB12011, GB/T20991 section 5.11, ASTM F2412 section 9, ASTM F2413 section 5.5, NOM-113-STPS-2009 Section 8.5, ISO 20345, EN 50321, UL 1581, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3027-20KV AT-F3027-30KV
Voltage Rise Rate Rise at 1 kV / second to a prescribed voltage. when reaching 75% of the setting voltage, the speed will switch to 100 V / second
Output Voltage Range AC 0 ~ 20KV AC 0 ~ 30KV
Current Leakage Range AC 0 ~ 20 mA
Transformer Capacity 500 VA 600 VA
Voltage Holding time 0 s ~ 99 s
Boot Electrode Solid Metal Spheres 3.5 mm in diameter
Depth of Inner Electrode At least 30 mm
Specimen Plate 40 × 20 cm
Power Supply 1 phase, AC 220 V, 3 A
Accessories Dia. 3.5 mm solid metal spheres  1 pack

35 kV Insulated gloves  1 set

35 kV Insulated pad  1 m²

Power line  1 pc

Shoe Dielectric Withstand Voltage Tester Features

  1. The machine has the benchtop type or vertical type for you to choose from.
  2. There are different voltage ranges to meet different usage needs.
  3. Equipped with the transparent viewing window on the door for better observation.
  4. Configured with a touch screen to set the parameters and monitor the running state.
  5. Voltage, current, test duration and voltage rise rate are adjustable.
  6. Fitted with different alarm devices to provide security assurance during the test.
  7. Insulating gloves and insulating pad are available to ensure the secure operation.
  8. Easy for use and maintenance.

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