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Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber2021-09-17T08:24:23+00:00

Project Description

salt spray chamber

Salt Fog Test Chamber | Salt Mist Test Chamber China Manufacturer & Supplier

Salt Spray Chamber is also known as the salt fog test chamber, which belongs to a widely used environment simulation chamber. It is used to simulate the salt fog environment to determine the corrosion resistance of materials treated with coating, electroplating, anodizing, anti-rust oil and anti-corrosion varnish, etc.

The salt mist chamber was born to help people in measuring corrosion resistance of solid substances to figure out countermeasures to extend the service life or minimize the negative impacts.

The salt spray test equipment can be divided into electronic salt spray test chamber, touch-screen salt spray test chamber and compound salt spray test chamber.

Test Principle

Saline water with a 5 ± 1 % concentration by weight is absorbed and atomized uniformly based on Burnoult’s principle. Salt mist is a dispersion system composed of tiny droplets containing salt with a specific concentration, which is harmful to materials that are sensitive to sodium chloride in nature. The specimen is exposed to the testing zone at the given temperature for a specified time. The test result is evaluated via visual inspection.

This Salt Mist Chamber is applicable to salt spray testers include neutral salt spray test (NSS), acetic acid spray test (AASS) and copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS).

salt spray test sample racks


Test Standards

  • ASTM B117 Standard practice for operating salt spray (fog) apparatus
  • JIS H8502  Methods of corrosion resistance test for metallic coatings
  • IEC68-2-11 Basic environmental testing procedures – salt spray test
  • IEC68-2-52 Environmental testing – salt spray test cyclic (Sodium chloride solution)
  • ISO 9227 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – salt spray tests
  • GB/T 2423.17-1993 salt spray test
  • GB/T 2423.18-2000 salt spray test
  • GB/T 10125-1997 salt spray test
  • GB.10587-89  salt spray test
  • CNS.4158  salt spray test
  • CNS.4159 CASS  Accelerated acetic acid copper salt spray test
  • GB/T 12967.3-91 CASS  Accelerated acetic acid copper salt spray test

Technical Parameters

Model AM-C1008-60 AM-C1008-90 AM-C1008-120 AM-C1008-160
Specimen Weight Below 15 kg Below 30 kg Below 30 kg Below 40 kg
Interior Dimension (L × W × H) 60 × 45 × 40 cm 90 × 60 × 50 cm 120 × 80 × 50 cm 160 × 100 × 50 cm
Exterior Dimension (L × W × H) 107 × 60 × 118 cm 141 × 80 × 128 cm 190 × 130 × 140 cm 230 × 130 × 140 cm
Spray Volume 1 ~ 2 ml / h / 80 cm² (1.5 ml / h ± 0.5 ml / h)
(Average collection rate for a horizontal collecting area of 80 cm²)
Heating System Titanium alloy electric heating tube, which is more corrosion resistant
Salt Mist Spraying System Quartz glass nozzle without crystalizing
Tapered disperser, able to adjust the amount of spray and fog distribution evenly
Consist of clean air, pressure and humidity controller, reservoir to contain the solution, sprayer
Salt Mist Collecting Device 2 pieces Funnel-shaped salt mist collector
Spray Mode Continuous spray
Intermittent spray mist / Salt mist and humidity in alternate cyclic
Salt Spray Test Type NSS, AASS, CASS
PH Value NSS: 6.5~7.2
CASS AASS: 3.1~3.3
Test Chamber Temp. (35±1)℃ (NSS, AASS)
Saturated Air Barrel Temp. (50±1)℃ (CASS)
(47±1)℃ (NSS, AASS)
(63±1)℃ (CASS)
Power 1 phase 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz (or specified)
touch screen salt spray chamber

Touch-screen Salt Spray Test Chamber

Compared with the physical buttons used in the electronic salt spray test chamber, this touch-screen salt spray test chamber uses a large high-definition touch screen as the control panel, which looks more fashionable and advanced in technology. It integrates various control functions. The user only needs to click on this screen to set multiple parameters of the test quickly.

It is configured with a 7-inch touch screen controller, matching with a PCL system for facilitating the fixed-value test (continuous spray) or programmable tests (intermittent spray, cyclical spray). One device can achieve multiple functions to meet the different requirements for salt spray determination. This instrument features a high-precision temperature control module, PID automatic calculation to control temperature, and a high stability platinum temperature probe.

This equipment uses an automatic / manual water filling system so that the testing will not be interrupted. The method of direct heating by steam is used in the salt spray test, which has a fast heating speed and uniform temperature distribution to reduce the standby time. Defog function is avaialble. This Chamber is equipped with dual over-temperature protection, low water level protection, overload short circuit protection and so on.

Compound Salt Fog Test Chamber

The compound salt spray test chamber is an upgraded version of the touch-screen salt spray test equipment. It has the function of alternating temperature, humidity and heat based on temperature and humidity adjustment. It is used to test various performance indicators and quality management of samples under alternating compound conditions such as high temperature, damp heat, dryness, and salt spray.

This chamber uses a 7-inch high-definition touch LCD, which supports the preset of the test program. The program mode can set salt spray and humidity test at the same time, and the machine can be used to perform common alternating salt spray test, dry and wet compound salt spray test, or independently perform NSS test, AASS test, CASS test, damp heat test, and dry test. The heating and cooling of this machine can be in rate control, and it has the function of correcting the reference point of temperature and humidity. The humidification and dehumidification systems are completely independent. It is equipped with an automatic water replenishment system, which automatically completes replenishment when the water level is too low, and it also can use manual water replenishment. Its time setting range is as long as 999 h 59 m, with a power-off memory function, and it can continue to execute the remaining programs when power is restored.

In order to ensure the cooling rate and minimum temperature requirements of the chamber, this machine adopts a compressor refrigeration system, which includes a compressor, radiator, evaporator and throttling device, etc. The heat exchange is realized through an evaporative condenser.

compound salt spray test chamber
What’s Your After-sales Policy?2021-10-10T10:07:24+00:00

The moment you receive the machine, our after-sales staff will be there for you at any time. In addition to providing detailed operation manuals to guide you on how to use the machine for the first time, if necessary, we will also provide immediate support and help in the form of videos. If you encounter any problems during the use of the instrument, please get in touch with us immediately. We will respond within 2 – 4 hours and send the solution to you within one working day.

We provide 18 months of quality assurance and lifetime technical support. During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem caused by non-human reasons, AMADE TECH will solve it for you free of charge.

When Can I Expect My Order After Placing an Order?2021-10-09T09:09:31+00:00

We can’t bear to let you wait too long after placing an order. Under normal circumstances, your machine will be shipped within 2 – 3 working days after your payment is reached. Adding the transit time, it will take about 10 days to receive your goods in total.

When I Receive This Tester from Amade-tech, How Do I Install and Use It?2021-10-09T09:11:07+00:00

It is ready to use when you receive the goods. This machine will be installed, debugged and calibrated well before it leaves our factory. When you first use our machine, you can easily complete the testing by referring to our user manual.

Why Do You Choose AMADE TECH as the Testing Equipment Supplier?2021-10-10T10:05:25+00:00

Competitive Prices

We are a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of testing equipment. As everyone knows, China is known as the world’s factory because it has the world’s most complete industrial categories, low labor costs and technological advantages. With a series of cost advantages and efficient management policies, our products have considerable price advantages among similar products. If you buy the same instrument in your home country, it may cost several times more.

Our low prices are not at the expense of quality, as we have skilled workers, excellent technicians and management personnel. High-quality materials are used in the manufacture of the machine. The core components of many products are from top international brands. Strict quality control ensures that products meet customer expectations.

competitive price from amade tech
testing objects of AMADE TECH

Abundant Products

Our testing equipment covers different industries. Each industry includes a variety of equipment to meet different testing needs. Sometimes, you may not just look for one device. It may take a lot of time and energy to find different instruments in different places.

Here at AMADE TECH, you can complete your purchase requirements in one stop. In addition to supplying our machines, we have a dedicated purchasing team to help you source any other equipment made in China at reasonable prices. Purchasing here will be an awesome and cost-saving experience for you.

Thoughtful Service

From pre-sales to after-sales, we have dedicated sales and technical personnel at your side at any time to answer various questions for you and respond to your various needs.

When you receive our product, a detailed operation manual will be attached to guide you to operate this machine. The technical team is available to assist you for any requirements. We provide 12 – 18 months of warranty and lifetime technical support for instruments. At any time, we are able to offer help on the operation, use and maintenance in various forms. Within the warranty period of the instrument, if non-human reasons cause any quality problem, we will solve it for you free of charge. Choosing AMADE TECH means choosing to be at ease.

Amade tech customer service
How to Place an Order with AMADE TECH?2021-10-10T10:05:56+00:00

The ordering steps are not complicated. The overview is as follows:

  • 1) Please leave your inquiry directly in “Send an inquiry” on this page or find the contact information on the page of “contact us” to reach us by email or other instant message channels. Normally, you will hear back from our sales staff within 12 hours. (note: Writing the test standards to be applied and the product names to be tested in your inquiry is highly recommended. )
  • 2) The professional salesman from AMADE TECH will make a complete quotation sheet and a detailed product document, then send them to your mailbox left by you in the inquiry. Price, product parameters, payment terms, shipping terms, the detailed product description will be included in the quotation.
  • 3) After the terms of the deal are agreed upon between the buyer and the seller, the AMADE salesperson will issue a Proforma Invoice for you to arrange the advance payment. When the payment is reached, your order will be arranged for production. Goods will be prepared well within the promissory delivery time. Shipment will be managed immediately after the balance payment is received. Once you get the goods, the after-sales personnel from AMADE will guide you on how to install (If necessary) and use the machine, providing lifetime technical support.


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us by [email protected], our sales team will respond soon.

What Are NSS & AASS & CASS tests?2021-06-24T14:26:33+00:00

The executable tests of Amade salt spray testers include neutral salt spray test (NSS), acetic acid spray test (AASS) and copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS).

  • Neutral salt spray test (NSS): Neutral 5% sodium chloride solution.
  • Acetic acid salt spray test (AASS): Acidified 5% sodium chloride solution with the addition of glacial acetic acid.
  • Copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS): Acidified 5% sodium chloride solution with the addition of glacial acetic acid and copper chloride.

The neutral salt spray (NSS) test applies to metals and the alloys, metallic coatings (anodic and cathodic), conversion coatings, anodic oxide coatings, the organic coating on metallic materials.

The acetic acid salt spray test (AASS) and copper accelerated acetic salt spray (CASS) are used for testing decorative coatings such as copper nickel-chromium, nickel-chromium and organic coatings on aluminum.

How Does Salt Spray Chamber Work?2021-06-24T13:40:31+00:00
  1. Check all parts in place, plug in the power and air source, and adjust the inlet air pressure to 0.2 MPa.
  2. Turn on the “Power” switch, 3 indicator lights representing Spray Chamber / Salt solution / pressure barrel will be on, which means water shortage of these areas respectively. Pour the clear water into the spray chamber and pressure barrel until the lights are off.
  3. Prepare a salt solution to be used, which shall be prepared by dissolving 5 ± 1 % by weight of salt in 95 ± 1 % by weight of distilled or demineralized water, then fill the brine container from the reagent entrance with the solution until the light is off.
  4. Add water in the groove in contact with the cover to form a water seal to prevent droplet leakage.
  5. Switch on the “Operation” button, set the temperatures of spray chamber & pressure barrel (the temperatures of both on our salt spray test machine are already set to be at 35℃ and 47℃ according to relevant specifications in the factory, operators don’t need to set them again in use).
  6. Put the specimen racks in the chamber one by one to accommodate the test pieces reasonably.
  7. Lay down the plastic cover and turn on the “Spray” button, pull out the pressure regulating valve and turn it clockwise to regulate spray pressure to 0.1 MPa.
  8. The salt mist chamber starts to work (the length of the spray tower is adjustable based on practice).

The above is just for reference. It is not suitable for all types of salt spray chambers. Please strictly follow the procedure of the applied standard to carry out the test when you get this testing machine.


What Are Features of Basic Salt Spray Chamber?2021-06-24T13:26:49+00:00
  1. The housing of the salt fog test chamber is made of intensively rigid PVC plates, featuring neatness, smoothness, aging resistance and corrosion resistance, which is suitable for the usage environment of Salt mist, copper acetate.
  2. The pressure saturated barrel is made of SUS304 stainless steel capable of withstanding high temperature, high humidity, high pressure and high anti-corrosion. The unique design of our pressure barrel’s interior has successfully solved the technical problem of water shortage of pressure barrel in a short period.
  3. The hood of the salt mist test chamber is fully transparent, which is convenient for testers to monitor the state of the specimen during the test.
  4. Elaborate roof design causes the accumulated drops of liquid on the ceiling not to drip at the top of the specimen throughout the test.
  5. Water seal between the hood and the groove ensures no leakage of salt mist during the test to pollute ambient and corrode other testing instruments in the laboratory.
  6. The nozzle is made of tempered glass, and the spray volume and spray angle can be adjusted. The degree of atomization is uniform, and there is no blockage of crystallization, which can ensure continuous testing.
  7. It applicable to tests of NSS, AASS and CASS.
  8. It owns the function of one key to defogging. When the test is completed, and the machine will defog automatically after pressing the defog button.
  9. It supports automatically refilling the water of the pressure barrel and test chamber to prevent lack of water from causing the high temperature to damage the machine.
  10. It has a concealed refilling bottle of salt solution, which is easy and convenient to supplement and clean.
  11. Automatically switches to constant temperature once it attains set temperature.
  12. Uniform atomization without clogging ensures the continuousness and consistency of the salt mist.
  13. The spray time can be preset.
  14. The Spray volume is adjustable from 1 to 2 ml / h (80cm²/h – Test 16 hours average).
  15. The measuring barrel adopts built-in installation to offer a beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
  16. V-shaped specimen racks make sure that the test piece is exposed to the salt fog in uniform distribution. Sample supporting angle can be adjustable from 15°-30°.
  17. The chamber has a power failure memory function. It can continue to complete the rest of the test work after power recovery.
  18. Double over-temperature protection is available. In the event of temperature control failure or heating system failure, the heating power supply can be automatically cut off to avoid excessive temperature to damage the machine.
  19. Double low water level protection is available to prevent damage caused by dry burning of heating tubes.

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