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hand-hold spray nozzle

IPX 3 / 4 Hand-held Spray Tester China Manufacturer & Supplier

Hand-held Spray Nozzle is intended to conduct the IPX3 & IPX4 water spraying & splashing tests on enclosures of electrical equipment or components to determine the waterproofness.

It is especially applicable to appliances that are exposed to open spaces, for example, air conditioning, cable connectors, convertors etc.

IPX3 and IPX4 waterproof tests can be carried out with this hand-held device. It is equipment complementary to the IPX 3 & 4 Test Chamber, as It is suitable for big specimens which can’t be tested by the IPX Test chamber.

The spray nozzle is made of brass. There are a total of 121 holes (0.5 mm in diameter) distributed on the surface of the showerhead orderly. One is located at the center of the cambered surface, which is surrounded by 6 circles of holes, including 12 holes per circle in the inner two circles at a distance of 30° pitch, and 24 holes per circle in the outer four circles at a distance of 15° pitch. The moving shield is formed from aluminum. The test piece is placed 300-500mm away from the nozzle during the test. The counterbalanced shield is in place for IPX 3 test, but it must be removed from the spray nozzle to allow the enclosure to be sprayed from all possible directions when conducting the IPX4 test. The water pressure is adjusted to a value ranging from 50kPa to 150 kPa to reach the given delivery rate at a constant speed during the test. The test duration is 1 min / m² of the calculated surface area of the enclosure (mounting surface is not included), with a minimum duration of 5 min.

IPX3 4 spray nozzle

Test Standards

IEC 60529 14.2.3 b / 14.2.4 b

Main Technical Specifications

Model AT-C1005BH
Material of Nozzle Brass
Material of Moving Shield aluminium
Outer Diameter of Spray Nozzle 102 mm
Inner Diameter of Spray Nozzle 100 mm
Surface Radian of Nozzle Opening 78°
Diameter of Hole 0.5 mm
Holes Number 121
Functions For IPX 3 / IPX 4 tests

Hand-held Spray Nozzle Features

  • Superior materials including brass, aluminum, stainless steel are used to ensure rigidity.
  • Capable of withstanding moisture environments and free from rust and corrosion.
  • Owns excellent workmanship to offer uniform and constant spraying.
  • Strictly confirms to IEC standard.
  • Easy for users to operate, use and maintain.

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