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Blowing sand and dust test chamber

Dust Proof Test Chamber China Manufacturer

Blowing Sand and Dust Test Chamber is a type of environmental chamber intended to allow the specimen to be exposed to harshly artificial sand and dust environment to evaluate the dustproof performance.

A draught fan inside the chamber is applied to blow the sand and dust at a specific concentration acting on the surface of the test piece to master the specimen’s performance of defending the penetration of dust particles and withstanding the abrasion of sands.

It is mainly applicable to enclosure protection experiments related to degrees of IP5X and IP6X.

Common senses tell us that we are living in an atmosphere full of dust, particles even sands. Various products like electric appliances, consumer electronics, Auto electric parts, motors, instruments, meters, street lamps are inevitably influenced by sand and dust during use, transportation and storage. People have to factor in the dust-proof ability that directly affects the running performance and service life when they research and develop these kinds of new products. Amade sand and dust test chamber is a perfect helper to determine this property.

Dust proof test chamber accessories
Sand and dust test chamber schematic diagram

Test Standards

IEC60529 (IP5X and IP6X), ISO 20653, GB4208, GB/T2423.38, BS 60598, DIN 40050-9, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model AT-c1009-C6 AT-C1009-C8 AT-C1009-C10
Working Area 600 × 600 × 600 mm 800 × 800 × 800 mm 1000 × 1000 × 1000 mm
Temperature Control RT ~ 70℃
Talcum Powder Amount 2 kg~4 kg  /m³ adjustable
Air Flowing Velocity ≤ 1.5 ~ 2 m / s
Mesh Diameter 50 um
Wire Spacing 75 um
Vacuum Pump Suction flow rate (0~6) L / min
Pressure difference (negative pressure): 0 ~ 2 kpa
Specimen Power Connection AC 110V, 50 Hz,  AC 220 V, 50 Hz

Sand and Dust Test Chamber Features

  1. Both exterior and interior are made of rugged stainless steel to facilitate corrosion resistance.
  2. The door frame is sealed with a rubber strip to prevent dust from floating out from the cabinet.
  3. A door with glass and a dust wiper is available for visually checking the testing state during the determination.
  4. Programmable controller and LCD touch screen bring straightforward operation.
  5. The shaker has the function to prevent dust accumulation, extract the air inside the test piece and set the testing circle arbitrarily.
  6. 50mm cable hole for electricity connection is available. If the specimen needs to be powered during the test, we can pre-install the power connector (electricity).
  7. The air pressure regulation device is available.
  8. Equipped with a dust-proof temperature and humidity sensor.
  9. A lighting facility is available inside the cabinet for unambiguous observation.
  10. Basic structure, principle and characteristics conform to relevant specifications of sand and dust test standards.
  11. The dust replacement device is located inside the test machine.
  12. A reliable vibration unit is available to help in dissociating and dispensing dust uniformly.
  13. Unique duct design ensures the cabinet produces vertical circulation airflow, keeping dust distributed evenly.
  14. A vacuum system is available If necessary (optional). It includes a pressure gauge, air filter, pressure regulating device, connecting pipe and vacuum pump.
  15. Fitted with Integral safety protections including power-off protection, overload protection, electric leakage, short-circuit protection, Non-fuse protection switch, box door opening protection switch, blower motor with over-current protector, system overload fuse, system failure warning light indicator, system failure alarm, failure point text indication etc.
  16. 4 Casters with fixed-function at the bottom of the dustproof test chamber are used to improve the ease of movement.

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