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Steam aging test chamber

Steam Aging Machine China Supplier

Steam Aging Test Chamber is an environmental testing instrument intended to determine the specimen’s performance to resist extreme environments under high temperature, high humidity and high pressure during transportation, storage and use.

The principle is simple to understand, water inside the chamber is heated and turned into steam to form a simulated test environment. Specimens are placed into the drawers of the machine to carry out tests lasting for a predetermined time.

It is applicable to electronic connectors, semiconductor ICs, transistors, LCD, diodes, resistances etc.

Technical Parameters

Model AT-C1010-3 AT-C1010-4
Working Area Dimension 100 × 540 × 260 mm × 3 drawers 100 × 540 × 260 mm × 4 drawers
Overall Dimension 600 × 540 × 340 mm 760 × 540 × 340 mm
Temperature Range RT + 10℃ ~ 98℃
Temperature Constancy +/- 0.3℃
Temp. Resolution +/- 0.1℃
Heating Time Appr. 45 mins
The Steam Aging Test Chamber’s Material SUS 304 stainless steel
Heater Titanium heating tube
Insulation Layer PU and Fiberglass wool
Temperature Controller Digital LED controller + SSR with PID PT-100 sensor
Timer 0 ~ 9,999 mins
Safety Device Water shortage protection, steam outlet port, no fuse breaker
Supports adding water manually or connect water pipe to add water automatically
Power Supply 1 phase AC 200 V ~ 240 V, 50 / 60Hz or specified

Steam Aging Test Chamber Features

  • The Interior and exterior are fabricated from stainless steel.
  • Simple structure enables ease of maintenance.
  • An Anti-rust water tank can be filled manually or connected to a water pipe for automatic filling water.
  • Titanium tubes are used as heating elements to fulfill anti-corrosion and longer service life.
  • Platinum resistance temperature sensor PT-100 is built to enhance accuracy.
  • The microprocessor control unit is the brain to perform and control the test steps.
  • Temperature is precisely controlled via PID.
  • The timer with power failure memory function can resume test based on set time once power recovers.
  • Equipped with automatic safety protection devices to guarantee security during use.

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