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manual rubber sample cutter

AT-R7011A Manual Rubber Dumbbell Die Cutter Press China Manufacturer

Manual Sample Cutter is capable of cutting standard samples of rubbers, plastics, leathers by means of according dies without actuation by an electric motor or other power sources. Cutting dumbbell samples using the corresponding Rubber Cutting Dies is one frequently used function of this instrument.

Besides, Pneumatic Sample Cutter for plastics or rubbers sample preparation  is also avaialble from our list.

The cutting machine is mainly composed of these parts: handwheel, three-head screw rod, base, spring, shaft, shaft support, platform.
A three-head screw rod is installed in the screw hole of the fuselage. The upper end of the screw rod is equipped with a handwheel, which is used as a rotating screw. The lower shaft frame is fitted with a sliding shaft. The upper end is tightened by a spring. The lower platform can be replaced with different dies cutters. When the handwheel is rotated, the three-head screw drives the cutter through the sliding shaft, which can make the reciprocating motion to achieve the purpose of punching the test piece.

Main Specifications

Model: AT-R7011A
Working Platform Dimension: 250 × 160 mm
Machine Overall Dimension: 320 × 450 × 500 mm
Die cutter(Optional): CNS, JIS, ASTM standard dies

Features of Manual Sample Cutter

  • It is made of precision steel.
  • This machine owns extensive applications as the die-cutting device for lots of non-metallic materials.
  • It is driven by human hands, allowing the machine to be used at any place and anytime, without the constraint of the using field.
  • Simple structure and design feature practical function and a low failure rate.
  • The operation is simple, convenient and safe.

Operating Instructions

  1. Put thick cardboard on the platform of the machine base.
  2. Place the tested material on the cardboard surface.
  3. Place the cutting die on the sample ensuring that the plane of the cutting edge is parallel to the platform.
  4. Rotate the handwheel to press down the cutter to punch into the standard sample.

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