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Rubber Sample Buffing Machine

Rubber Sample Grinding Machine China Manufacturer

Rubber Sample Buffing Machine is intended to grind rubber or plastic dumbbell-shaped test pieces flat or thin until to the required thickness. It is a necessary rubber or plastic sample preparation machine that can effectively help users improve working efficiency and ensuring sample accuracy.

The double-headed Specimen grinding machine is also available from us.

Test Principle

A test piece mounted into the machine rubs against the grinding wheel driven by an electric motor. The user operates the test bench to move left and right, up and down, and back and forth for grinding the sample flat and thin to get a required thickness.


This machine grinds samples of materials such as rubber and EVA for tensile, tearing, aging, bending resistance, oil resistance and other tests.

Main Parameters

Model AT-R7014
Item Rubber Sample Buffing Machine
Grinding Wheel 36 grit Φ5”
Grinding Wheel Linear Speed 3000~5000 feet/min or 15~25 m/s
Motor 1/3 HP
Power Supply AC 220V,50 Hz, 1 phase
Dimension 50 cm × 60 cm × 40 cm
Weight 50 kg

Specimen Grinding Machine Features

  • The machine is fabricated from quality steel and coated with corrosion and rust-resistant paint.
  • A superior motor is configured to ensure the uniformity of grinding speed and machine durability.
  • A protective cover for the grinding wheel is available to protect users throughout the test.
  • Equipped with a hand crank to actuate the movement of the specimen platform.
  • The clearance between the specimen and the grinding wheel is adjustable based on the required thickness.
  • A vacuum cleaner is attached with the machine If required.
  • It is easy for users to use and save much time for sample preparation.

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