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Double-headed Rubber Sample Grinding Machine

Double-end Sample buffing machine China Manufacturer

Double-headed Rubber Sample Grinding Machine is an updated version of the specimen preparation apparatus. It is specially designed for rubber factories and scientific research units to grind rubber test pieces to a certain thickness for testing with other test equipment. There are two grinding wheels in one machine. The coarse and fine grinding wheels can work at the same time, with the characteristics of one machine with dual uses. It can help users enhance the working efficiency and convenience.

This rubber grinding machine is mainly composed of the base, active wheels, abrasion wheels, motor, dust suction pipes, etc.

Essential Parameters

Model AT-R7014-A
Grinding Wheel Linear Velocity 15 m/s ~ 25 m/s, 2500 ~ 3500 rpm
Grinding Wheel Specifications G260 APRI 170 × 40 × 32 36 grit | G260 APRI 170 × 40 × 32 80 grit
Motor 0.75 KW AC 220V 50 Hz 1400 r/m
Working Dimension Dia.: 160 mm × 44 mm, Height: 215 mm
Working Travel 20 mm
Specimen Dimension Length over 260 mm, Width less than 36 mm, Thickness less than 8 mm
Machine Dimension 500 mm × 400 mm × 314 mm
Power Supply AC 220V 50 Hz
Weight 85 kg

Sample Grinding Machine Features

  • It is fitted with two grinding wheels for rubbing 2 test pieces at the same time.
  • Two handwheels are assembled in the machine for the adjustment of the test specimens.
  • The stroke of the active wheel is as long as 20mm.
  • It is one of the important pieces of auxiliary equipment for rubber testing.
  • It is easy for operators to use and maintain.

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