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Low Temperature Flexing Test Chamber

Low-Temperature Flexing Test Chamber China Manufacturer

Low-Temperature Bally & Ross Leather Flexing Tester is a climate test chamber used to assess the resistance of test samples to cracking or flexing below freezing temperature as specified by relevant standards.

It features a refrigeration system in the machine to achieve the simulative environment in the chamber as low as -50℃. The test chamber is compatible with exchangeable combinations of grips & fixtures in accordance with various standards.

The temperature cycle of this test chamber can be programmable before the test. Each process can be segmented and controlled. Testing can be carried out automatically until completion.

It is applicable to rubbers, plastics, soles, finished shoes, synthetic leathers, upper & vamp leathers, fabrics, etc. Helps laboratory operators in knowing the materials or finished products’ performance of adaptation to low temperature or frigid climate during flex.

Test Standards

ASTM-D1790, D1593, JIS-K6545, ISO 20344, GB/T 20991-2007, HB-T2877, CNS-7705, QB/T2224, QB/T2714, etc.


Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3001
Downmost Test Temperature (Optional) -10℃ -20℃, -30℃, -40℃, and -50℃
Temperature uniformity +/- 2℃
Shoes or Shoe Materials’ Test device

For other test device please contact us, such as Bally Flexing Apparatus, Shoe Bending Apparatus, Ross Flexing Apparatus, EN Sole Bending Apparatus, Vamp Flexing Apparatus, etc.

Ross bending test:

Bending angle:  90° ± 2°

Bending speed: (100 ± 3) cpm / (60 ± 5)cpm  speed adjustable

Specimen dimension: 150 × 25 × 5 mm or 152 × 25 × 6.35 mm

Counter: 0 ~ 999,999

Test station number: 3, 6 or optional

Bally flexing test:

Flexing angle: 22.5°

Flexing speed: 100 ± 5 cpm (speed adjustable)

Counter: 0 ~ 999,999

Specimen size: 70 × 45 mm

Power Supply 1 Phase, AC 220 V +/- 10%, or specified

Low Temperature Flexing Resistance Tester Features

  1. Precision welding technology is applied to the machine structure to ensure both toughness and smoothness.
  2. A transparent inspection window helps lab operators in observing the state of specimens during the test.
  3. The conductive film is covered in multi-layer tempered glass to facilitate thermal insulation and defrost.
  4. 100mm thick insulation material of PU environmentally friendly polyurethane foam is adopted in the chamber to contribute to no frosting and no dew on the surface of the equipment.
  5. The lowest temperature of the chamber is optional from -10℃ -20℃, -30℃, -40℃, and -50℃, and the temperature is adjustable.
  6. A variety of low-temperature bending test devices for shoes and shoe materials can be installed inside, such as bally flexing apparatus, shoe bending apparatus, Ross flexing apparatus, EN sole bending apparatus, Vamp flexing apparatus.
  7. An environmentally friendly refrigeration system driven by a TECUMSEH compressor features high efficiency and power saving.
  8. Temperature rise & drop are controlled automatically by micro-computer.
  9. Multiple communication ports support remote control and centralized control.
  10. A high-definition touch screen LCD is configured to realize efficient communication between humans and the machine.
  11. It owns a powerful programming capacity of 120 groups, 1200 segments, running time of 999 h / 59 m / 59 s at most for each segment in a partial cycle or entire cycle.
  12. Equipped with comprehensive safety devices such as overload protection device, power-off protection device, temperature limit protection and alarm system, fault display and self-diagnosis system, etc., to secure the machine and operators.
  13. 4 castors & 4 stationary feet are located at the bottom of the test chamber.

Standard Configurations

  • Test chamber 1 set
  • Flexing apparatus 1 set (already installed inside of the test chamber)
  • Allen wrench 1 pc
  • Machine packing list 1 pc

This shoe and shoe materials Low temperature Flexing resistance tester is compatible with a wide range of grips as below. Welcome to contact us for more details. We can also provide customized fixtures for you as below:

  • Striker: strike the specimen for inspection of cracking.
  • Bally Flexing grip 6 sets
  • Bally Flexing grip 12 sets
  • Shoes bending grip 2 sets / Ross flexing grip 1 set
  • Bally Flexing grip 3 sets / shoe bending grip 2 sets / Ross flexing grip 1 set
  • Bally Flexing grip 6 sets / shoe bending grip 2 sets / Ross flexing grip 1 set
  • Vamp flexing grip 12 sets
  • Vamp flexing grip 12 sets / shoe bending grip 3 sets
  • Sole flexing grip 2 sets
  • Safety cold insulation apparatus 1set

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