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IPX 5 6 rain test chamber

IPX 5 / 6 Waterproof Testing Equipment China Manufacturer

When it comes to waterproofness, the most accessible product related to this property in our daily life is the cell phone. Nowadays, many brands of cell phones are featured with different levels of waterproofness, which becomes one of their selling points. It is indeed a utility function in case of falling into the water or getting wet by accident. Using a rain spray test chamber to determine waterproof performance in R & D and production is necessary for many advanced electronic products.

The rain test chamber is suitable for the waterproof test on outdoor lightings, signal equipment, automobile lamps etc., to determine whether the housings of designated electrical products can guarantee the service performance of components when exposed to a rainy environment.

Amade rain test chamber can simulate dripping, spraying, splashing, immersion, high temperature and high-pressure spraying. The programmable control system and frequency conversion controller make the water volume, sample holder, oscillation tube’s swing angle and frequency adjustable and controllable. Amade can also customize fixtures, and customers can choose whether the sample is connected to the electricity during the test according to testing requirements.

IPX5 IPX6 rain test chamber


Difference between IPX 5 & IPX 6

  • IPX 5 employs a jetting device. The inner diameter of the jet nozzle is 6.3mm. The specimen is placed on a turntable 2.5m-3m away from the jet orifice, splashed by a flux rate at 12.5L/min. Test duration is based on the superficial area of the shell of the test piece: 1 minute per square meter to be tested (mounting area not included), at least 3 minutes in total.
  • IPX 6 is also called as violent jetting equipment. The interior diameter of the jet nozzle is expanded from 6.3mm of IPX 5 to 12.5mm to ensure that the rate of water flow is as high as 100L/min, impacting the test piece placed at a position 2.5 – 3 meters away from the jet nozzle. Testing time is the same as that of IPX 5.

Test Standard

IEC60529, ISO 20653 GB/T 2423.38 GB/T 4208, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-C1005C-A6 AT-C1005C-A8 AT-C1005C-A10
Working Cabinet Area 600 × 600 × 600 mm 800 × 800 × 800 mm 1000 × 1000 × 1000 mm
Spraying System Consist of water pump, water pressure gauge, spraying nozzle (tube)
Spraying Hole’s Inner Diameter IPX5: Diameter 6.3 mm  IPX6: Diameter 12.5 mm
Spraying Flowing Velocity IPX5: 12.5 L / min   IPX6: 100 L / min
Turnable Sample Rack Diameter 300 mm Diameter 400 mm Diameter 500 mm
Turnable Sample Rack’s Rotating Rate 1 ~ 4 r / min
Spraying Time 3 mins, 10 mins, 30 mins, 9,999 mins (adjustable at will)
Test Running Time 0~9,999min adjustable
Sample Sprayed Surface Front or all sides
Water Pressure Gauge Water pressure adjustable and displayable
Control System Programmable PLC + 7 inch touch screen
Safety Protection overload, short circuit, electric leakage, phase failure, ect
Water Requirements Connected to tap water (machine equipped with a filter)
Power Supply 3 phase, AC 380 V, 50 / 60 Hz or specified
The sample is connected to the electricity during the test according to the need of customers

IPX 5/6 Rain Test Chamber Features

  • Formed from rust & corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials.
  • IPX5 & IPX 6 tests can be performed using one rain test chamber.
  • Various dimensions of the jet area can be provided to satisfy the demands of different customers.
  • Built-in filter to purify water in case of blocking.
  • A large glass window is available, and the glass window is equipped with a car-level wiper, easy to observe the test situation inside the testing equipment.
  • A Programmable PLC control system paired with a 7-inch touch screen for setting test conditions and monitoring the test process is available.
  • A high-precision flow meter regulates the amount of spray water, and the pressure regulating valve controls the spraying water pressure.
  • The specimen with electricity can be tested.
  • Test data can be exported for check and storage.
  • The height of the sample is adjustable based on actual practice.
  • The revolving rate of the turntable can be adjusted.
  • Rugged glass on the door for in-time surveillance during the test.
  • 4 Casters help in positioning and moving conveniently.
  • Fitted with Various safety protections for overload, short circuit, electric leakage etc.

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