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IPX 3 4 Rain test chamber

IPX 3 / 4 waterproof tester China Supplier

Rain Test Chamber belongs to a type of environmental test instrument, which has the function of dripping or spraying water at the test sample by means of a self-contained water circulation system, simulating the rainy or soaking environment to determine the waterproofness of the specimen.

The IPX 3 /4 testing equipment is one of the most commonly used rain test chambers in industrial production activities.

It is applicable to lighting equipment, consumer electronics, electronic components and parts, automobiles, etc.

IPX 3 vs. IPX 4

IPX 3 Test

  1. The number of nozzles and the total water flow are based on the radius of the oscillating tube. The water flow rate of each nozzle is 0.07 L / min, spraying water on the sample for ten minutes in total.
  2. Take the sample as the center, spray back and forth at 60 degrees on both sides, a complete spray cycle is 2 × 120 degrees, and the test time is 5 minutes. The distance between the sample is not more than 200 mm.
  3. The sample is turned around by 90 degrees horizontally and tested in the same way for 5 minutes.

IPX 4 Test

  1. Spray holes are distributed on the oscillating tube spanning 180 degrees of the semicircle, and the total flow of spray water is preset following the standard.
  2. The oscillating tube is standing in the vertical direction of the sample, swinging 180 degrees to both sides, spraying directly against the sample. A complete spray cycle is 2 × 360 degrees, spraying for 10 minutes.

For some specimens, If there are some areas which are not wet during the test using this test chamber, you may choose our hand-held test unit (spray nozzle) AT-C1005BH based on IEC 60529 14.2.3 b.

IPX3 IPX4 rain test chamber

Test Standards

IEC60529 IPX3 and IPX4, ISO 20653, GB/T 2423.38 GB/T 4208, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-C1005B-A2 AT-C1005B-A4 AT-C1005B-A6
Oscillating Tube Radius R200 mm R400 mm R600 mm
Internal Chamber Dimension 600 × 600 × 600 mm 800 × 800 × 800 mm 1000 × 1000 × 1000 mm
Turnable Circular Sample Rack’s Diameter Dia. 200 mm Dia. 400 mm or 600 mm Dia. 600 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm
Turnable Circular Sample Rack’s Height (adjustable) 150 ~ 250 mm 350 ~ 600 mm 550 ~ 1000 mm
Turnable Circular Sample Rack’s Load Capacity Max.  50 kg
Turnable Circular Sample Rack’s Rotating Rate 1 ~ 5 r / min adjustable
Spray Nozzle Quantity Compliance with standard requirements
Control Mode Programmable PLC + Colorful LCD touch screen
Spray Nozzle Hole Diameter 0.4 mm
Nozzles Spacing 50 mm
Distance Between the Specimen and the Oscillating Tube Max. 200 mm
Oscillating Tube’s Swing Scope ± 60°, ± 180°

Rain Test Chamber Features

  1. The PLC system and the color touch screen are used to set test parameters and control the test process.
  2. Spraying water flow is adjustable via a high-precision flow meter.
  3. IPX3 and IPX4 tests can be conducted on one machine through simple replacement or adjustment before determination.
  4. The water storage tank is equipped with a water filter to prevent impurities from clogging the nozzles.
  5. The water is recyclable during the test.
  6. It can be connected directly to the tap water.
  7. The oscillating tube adopts a stepping motor, and the swing motion is smooth and accurate.
  8. Optional waterproof power connector supports sample connecting to power during the test.
  9. Different sizes of the chamber are available to suit other requirements.
  10. The customization is welcome.
  11. The observation window owns a rigid glass to provide users with a clear view.
  12. The rotation rate and support height of the sample rack are adjustable.
  13. Casters are located at the bottom for easy movement in the laboratory.
  14. Overload protection, short circuit protection, earth leakage protection etc., are available to ensure secure usage.

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