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Heels Lateral Impact Tester

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Heel Lateral Impact Tester is a footwear testing equipment used to determine the lateral impact resistance of the heel subjected to sudden impact. The test piece can be fixed on the melt mounting tray using the special metal alloy whose melting point is between 100℃ and 150℃. The height and inclination of the specimen mounting tray can be adjusted. During the test, the energy of the impact is gradually increased until the heel breaks, and the impact index is read.

The result provides an evaluation of the liability to failure under the occasionally heavy blows received during wear.

It is applicable to all kinds of high heels, of whatever construction. Still, it is particularly suitable for injection-moulded plastics heels which incorporate a steel dowel reinforcement, providing information on the suitability of the dowels’ hardness or softness.

Test Principle

A heel which is clamped at the tip uppermost and keeping the stem approximately vertical, is subjected repeatedly to measured blows from a pendulum striker, the energy of the blows increases successively until the heel fails.

Test Standards

  • BS-5131 section 4.8 Resistance of heels of ladies’ shoes to lateral impact
  • SATRA TM20 Lateral impact test for shoe heels
  • ISO 19953 Footwear-test methods for heels-resistance to lateral impact


Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3011
Striker Head L 32 mm × W 25 mm × T 6 mm  3mm(R)
Capacity For BS-5131-4.8 and ISO 19953: 0~18.3 J (13.5 ft-lb ), Mini. Reading 0.68 J (0.5 ft-lb )

For SATRA TM 20: 0 ~ 19J, Mini reading 0.5J

Impact Shaft Dia. 25 mm
Striking Edge Radius R 3 mm
Horizontally Holding Monment of Pendulum 17.3 N.m (12.7 ft-lb)
Pendulum Bob Dia. 108 mm, 49.2 mm
Distance Between the Center of Bob and the Center of Hub 432 mm
Adjustable Range of Base Clamp 0 ~ 25 mm (H), Angle: 0 ~ 45°
Dimension 63 × 40 × 105 cm
Weight 101 kg
Amade heel impact resistance tester’s common striker head: L 33 mm × W 25 mm × T 6 mm meet for both test standards:

BS 5131-4.8  ISO 19953  Striker head (L x W x T): (35 ± 2) × 25 × 6 mm

SATRA TM20 Striker head (L x W x T): (32 ± 1) × 25 × 6 mm

Lateral Impact Tester Features

  • The impact head of the heel impact tester is made of steel with high wear resistance and toughness, which has strong resistance to impact loss.
  • The gear is 45# steel with a robust anti-wear ability to reduce gear loss and improve the instrument’s service life.
  • The position of the sample can be adjusted: By moving the clamp device up and down and rotating a certain angle, making the position of the heel and the impact head more coordinated.
  • The energy is accurate to 0.68 J, which ensures the test result more accurate.
  • The test result for each test can be read directly from the gauge.
  • It is easy for opertors to use and maintain.

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