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CCT sample clamp

AT-P8004-G Corrugating Medium Edge Crush Test Sample Holder

This stainless steel test piece holder is an indispensable device when determining the edge crush resistance of corrugating medium after laboratory fluting.

Edge Crush Resistance of Corrugating Medium is the maximum edgewise compression force per unit length that a laboratory fluted specimen can survive before the onset of break under the test conditions. The paper needs to be fluted by passing it between heated rollers of a fluter and mounting in this holder. The flutes are placed vertically and then subjected to the compressive force to determine the maximum force per unit length.

It is with a profile matching the profile of the corrugated medium, able to hold the specimen so that the flutes are vertical. The holder can be opened for mounting of test pieces. A suitable stopping surface exists so that 6.35 mm width of the specimen is grasped by the holder.

This fluted crush test piece holder should comply with the same parallelism requirements as the crush tester.


Test Standards

ISO 16945 Corrugating medium – Determination of the edge crush resistance after laboratory fluting

SCAN P27, TAPPI T809, APPITA / AS 1301.434s

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