Project Description

CMT corrugating medium clamp

AT-P8004-H Corrugating Medium Flat Crush Test Apparatus

Rack and Comb are the necessary auxiliary apparatus when conducting the flat crush resistance test after laboratory fluting of the corrugating medium. Besides, a corrugating medium fluter and a motor-driven flat crush tester are necessary apparatus to complete this test.

The rack is 19 mm wide with a profile corresponding to the teeth of the corrugating rolls. It has 9 full teeth and 1 incomplete tooth at each end so as to form 10 valleys. The tooth spacing is 8.55 mm, and the height of the teeth is 4.75 mm. The comb is at least 19 mm wide with 10 prongs, 3.4 mm high.

When the corrugated specimen emerged from the fluting rolls, place it on the rack so that approximately equal lengths rest on the flat surfaces at each end of the rack. Place the comb over the corrugated test piece and press down so that it is held firmly in the valleys of the rack, ensuring that the specimen is bottomed evenly in each of the flutes. Flatten the ends of the corrugated test piece to facilitate the further removal of the test piece from the comb, then place a strip of the adhesive tape, at least 120 mm long, adhesive side down, along the tips of the flutes and apply pressure to the tape in contact with the tips of the flutes and the test piece ends. Carefully withdraw the comb from the flutes without damage to the test piece, and lift the resulting 10-flute composite test piece out of the rack. If more than 10 flutes are formed, crush the extra flutes by hand prior to testing.


Test Standards

ISO 7263, DIN 53134, SCAN P27, TAPPI T809, APPITA / AS 1301.434s.

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