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Shore Rubber Durometer (rubber hardness tester) is widely used in the hardness measurement of rubber and plastic.

This Durometer has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, small size, and intuitive reading. The compact dimension allows it to be carried with you for hand-held measurement or installed on a matching stand for determination.

From the perspective of reading display mode, the shore durometer is divided into two types: mechanical (Analog) type and digital display type.

Test Principle

A steel press foot with a certain shape is vertically pressed into the surface of the sample under the action of the test force. When the surface of the press foot and the surface of the sample are completely attached, the protruding length L of the needle tip represents the size of the Shore hardness, and the greater the value of L means the lower the Shore hardness, and vice versa.

Shore A & C(AO) & D Hardness Testers

According to different applicable objects, the rubber hardness tester mainly comprises three categories: type A, type C (AO), and type D. Their measuring principles are precisely same. The difference is that the size of the measuring needle. The diameter of the needle tip of Shore A hardness tester is 0.79 mm, which is used to measure soft plastic, rubber, synthetic rubber, felt, leather. The needle tip diameter of the Shore D hardness tester is 0.2 mm. That is, the radius is R0.1. Type D is used to measure the hardness of hard plastics and hard rubber, such as floor materials, bowling balls, and other plastic plates. The Shore C (AO) hardness tester’s test pin is a ball with a diameter of 5 mm (R0.25). Type C is used to measure soft materials such as foam and sponge.

  • Type A durometer is suitable for general rubber, synthetic rubber, soft rubber, polyester, leather, wax, etc.
  • Type C (AO) durometer is applicable to rubber and plastic containing foaming agents made of microporous materials with low hardness.
  • Type D is applicable to harder rubber, resin, acrylic, glass, thermoplastic rubber, printing plate, fiber, etc., which have higher hardness.


Core Technical Parameters

Model AT-R7004-A AT-R7004-C AT-R7004-D
Name Shore A durometer Shore C(A0) durometer Shore D durometer
Applied Materials Rubber, synthetic rubber with Low hardness Soft Rubber, plastic made of microporous materials Hard rubber, plastic, tile, glass etc.
Dial Indicator 0 ~ 100 HA 0 ~ 100 HC 0 ~ 100 HD
Indenter Travel 0 ~ 2.5 mm 0 ~ 2.5 mm 0 ~ 2.5 mm
Needle Dia. 0.79 mm R2.5 mm R0.1 mm
Test Stand One stand shared by Type A/C, Type D

The Reasons Why Configure a Stand

  • Better precision is obtained by using a stand with a weight centered on the axis of the indentor to apply the pressure foot to the test piece.
  • The test stand can better support the pressure-foot surface parallel to the test piece support table to enhance the measurement accuracy.
  • It improves the convenience of the operation.

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