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Laboratory Oil Bath

Temperature Controlled Oil Bath China Manufacturer

Laboratory oil Bath is also called as the thermostatic oil bath, mainly used for the determination of oil resistance of rubber or rubber products, Insulating materials made of rubber or plastic, and the enameled wires.

Test Principle

Immerse the sample into the oil at the specified temperature for a given period of time, then compare the changes before and after the immersion, such as mass change, volume change, dimension change, superficial area change, hardness change, tensile strength change, etc.

Test Standards

ISO 20344 8.6 Out sole resistance to fuel oil,
ASTM D471, DIN53521, ISO 1817, CNS 3562, GB/T 1690 UL 1581, etc.

Main Parameters

Model AT-R7013
Applications Rubber, plastics Dumbbell shaped specimen Enamelled wire
Sample Container 6pc test tubes with stoppers, Diameter: 38mm, length: 300 mm Test tank dimension: 300 x
200 x 200 mm
Temperature Range R.T. ~ 300℃
Mixing Motor 40 W
Test Medium Prepared by users
Power Supply 1 phase, AC 220 V, 50 / 60 Hz

Oil Bath Features

  • The interior chamber is made of precision SUS304 to ensure enough tenacity and rigidity, and heat resistance.
  • The shell composed of the cold-rolled steel sheet is treated with anti-corrosion for a long lifespan.
  • The maximum temperature of the oil can reach up to 300℃.
  • 6pc test tubes with stoppers are available in one machine.
  • The oil bath is equipped with an electrothermal device for rapid heating for oil.
  • The heating temperature and testing time can be preset.
  • It is fitted with a stirring device inside the bath to attain uniformity of the temperature.
  • A microprocessor intelligent control system is built in this testing machine for accurate control and error correction for temperature.
  • There are 2 LCDs to indicate the real-time temperature and testing time.
  • It is configured with over-temperature protection and an automatic alarm device.
  • It is easy for users to charge and discharge the medium.

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