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AT-R7011B Pneumatic Sample Cutter China Manufacturer

Pneumatic Sample Cutting Press is also referred to as the pneumatic sample cutter or the pneumatic punching machine, which is used to prepare rubber or plastic test specimens in a manner of pneumatic punching in the corresponding dies.

This low-cost and high-quality pneumatic sample cutting press only requires air pressure of min. 5 bar during the operation. It contains different capacities, including 10 kN, 20 kN, 30 kN and 50 kN, suitable for cutting rubber samples with thickness up to 15 mm. It is widely applicable to specimen preparation of rubber, plastic, leather, textile, paper sheets, films, resins, etc.

The high molecular materials like rubber, plastic, leather, etc., test pieces need to be made into dumbbell shapes when determining the mechanical properties. A sampling tool is an indispensable tool for sampling, regardless of Manual Sample Cutter or Pneumatic sample cutter.

Users can fit different dies into the machine to make different shapes of test pieces. Dumbbell Dies are the most commonly used ones, whose different specifications are available from Amadetech.

Test Principle

Pneumatic Punching Machine is also called the pneumatic sample cutting press. The compressed air provided by the air compressor enters the cylinder through the solenoid valve. It drives the piston to the principal axis to make the principal axis move downwards, thereby forming a punching and causing the workpiece to produce a prescribed deformation in the die. In order to facilitate the use of customers, and electrical control part is added to the equipment, which significantly improves the work efficiency.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-R7011B
Capacity 10 kN / 20 kN / 30 kN / 50 kN
Air Source Min. 0.5 Mpa
Stroke of Cylinder 50 mm
Cutting Thickness Up to 10 mm and 15 mm
Effective Use Space 400 × 350 × 100 mm
Weight 95 kg
Power 1 Phase, AC 220 V, 3 A or specified

Pneumatic Sample Cutting Press Features

  • It is a pneumatically powered machine providing violent downward strength during use, without annoying noise compared with the oil hydraulic system, and with better compatibility with materials of different hardness than that of the manual sample cutting press.
  • It is time-saving, labor-saving, convenient and fast to use, capable of sampling automatically.
  • It is able to make a variety of test samples used for tensile tests.
  • The cut samples are accurate, which is an ideal choice for the replacement of traditional manual sample cutting machines.
  • Benchtop design with compact structure takes up a little space.
  • Compatible with different specifications of cut-off knives, which can make different shapes of specimens in accordance with corresponding requirements.

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