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NBS Rubber Abrasion Tester

NBS Abrasion Machine & Footwear Abrader China Manufacturer

NBS Rubber Abrasion Tester (Footwear Abrader) is used for the determination of the resistance of vulcanized rubbers or other rubber materials to abrasion under stipulated conditions.

It is an indispensable instrument to assess the abrasion resistance of lots of rubber products, which is widely applicable to sole, heels, rubber tires, caterpillar bands, etc., whose thickness is more than 2.5mm in thickness.

The NBS abrasion tester’s key components:

  • A rotating metal drum: It is of the metal surface, with 150 mm in diameter, and the rotating rate of the drum is (45 ± 5) rpm. A counter indicates the number of the drum rotation.
  • Three arms: Each one is pivoted at one end, and there is a mass suspended in the other end. The force applied to the specimen is 22 N.
  • Three thickness gauges: Attached to the bridge so that each gauge contacts each arm at a point directly over the specimen.
  • A vacuum cleaner: Connects to the machine for removing the residues during the test.
  • Metal clamps: For holding the abrasive paper in position around the metal drum.
  • An abrasive paper: 150 mm in width and 40 grit.

Test Standards

ASTM-D1630 Standard test method for Rubber property – Abrasion resistance (Footwear abrader)

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-R7005
Work Stations 3
Sample Size 25.4 × 25.4 × 6.35 mm (L x W x T)
Rotating Drum Diameter of 150 mm
Weights 2265 g (22N), 3 pcs
Abrasive Paper Grit #40
Drum Rotating Speed (45 ± 5) rpm
Power Supply 1 Phase, AC 220 V, 50 / 60 Hz, or specified
Counter LCD display, 0 ~ 999,999
Air Pressure At least 0.4 MPa

NBS Rubber Abrasion Tester Features

  • There are three high precision thickness gauges mounted on each position for indicating Pre-wear thickness.
  • An LCD Revolution counter is available to present the number of cycles.
  • Configured with a unique port for extraction of grinding debris by connecting with a vacuum cleaner.

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