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Oxygen index tester

LOI Tester China Manufacturer

Limiting Oxygen Index Tester is used to determine the volume percentage of oxygen required during polymer combustion. The polymer Liming Oxygen index (LOI) refers to the minimum oxygen concentration required to maintain the combustion of the sample in the mixed gas flow of oxygen and nitrogen required to maintain the combustion length of 50mm or continue burning for 180 s after the polymer sample is ignited. A high limiting oxygen index indicates that the material is not easy to burn, and a low limiting oxygen index indicates that the material is easy to burn. It is used to evaluate the relative flammability of plastics and other polymer materials to judge the difficulty of burning when the material is in contact with the flame in the air.

The instrument has a reasonable structure design and is convenient for operation, use and maintenance. The test system uses a well-known oxygen sensor and displays the result digitally, which has the advantages of accurate judgment and good reproducibility. It can not only be used as a means to identify the flammability of polymers, but also provide a powerful test tool for the laboratory to study flame retardant formulations and develop flame retardant materials. It is suitable for testings of solid materials, laminates, foams, plastics, fabrics, films, etc.

According to the type of material being tested, there are usually 6 different sample specifications. It is recommended to use specimens of 80 to 120mm long, 10mm wide and 4mm thick for injection molding materials. Only when the specifications of the test specimens are the same, the test results between different materials can be compared with each other. The test method is simple: Fix the sample vertically in a glass combustion tube, and its base is connected to a device that can generate a nitrogen-oxygen mixed gas flow. Ignite the top of the sample, and the oxygen concentration in the mixed gas flow will continue to decrease until the flame goes out.


Test Standards

ASTM D 2863
ISO 4589-2
NES  714
ISO 15705
ISO 4589-2
IEC 61144
GB/T 5454
GB/T 2406.2
NB/SH/T 0815
GB/T 10707
GB/T 8924-2005, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-P6012
Digital Resolution ±0.1%
Measuring Accuracy 0.4 grade
Flow Adjustment Range 0 ~ 10 L / min (60 ~ 600 L / h)
Combustion Tube Inner Dia. 75 mm, Height 400 mm
Gas Flow Rate Inside the Combustion Tube 40 mm ± 10 mm / s
Pressure Gauge Accuracy 2.5 grade and resolution 0.01 MPa
Flowmeter 1 ~ 15 L / min (60 ~ 900 L / h) adjustable
Gas Source Nitrogen, Oxygen for industrial use (purity > 99%) (Prepared by users)
Test Environment Temperature: R.T ~ 40℃ , R.H < 70%
Language English / Chinese
Input Pressure 0.2 ~ 0.3 MPa
Working Pressure 0.05 ~ 0.15 MPa
Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz or Specified

Oxygen Index Tester Features

  • The combustion tube is a high-quality quartz glass tube with a length of 480 mm and an inner diameter of 75 mm.
  • The control box is made of high-quality steel and processed by CNC machine tools.
  • The controller part and the combustion test part are separated.
  • An imported high-quality oxygen sensor is used to ensure test accuracy.
  • The oxygen concentration is displayed digitally without the manual calculation, and the accuracy is higher, expressed from 0 ~ 100%.
  • The oxygen & nitrogen mixed gas inlet comprises a stabilizing valve, a flow regulating valve, a gas filter and a mixing chamber.
  • The sample holder has a self-supporting clamp and can vertically clamp the sample, including soft and hard plastics, textile fabrics, etc. (The non-self-supporting fixture is optional).
  • The igniter is a metal tube with a nozzle with an inner diameter of 2 ± 1 mm at the end, and the flame length of the igniter is adjustable from 5 to 60 mm.

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