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Leather Softness Testing Equipment

Leather Softness Tester China Manufacturer

Leather Softness Testing Equipment is a leather testing device intended for determining the softness of the leather.

It is applicable to all kinds of leather or animal skins used on different finished products, such as upper leather, upholstery leather, apparel leather, etc.

It helps users in knowing whether or not the leather’s softness in the same batch is uniform or mastering the softness difference on different positions of the same piece of leather.

It is one of the indispensable leather testing machines in laboratories of the leather manufacturing field.

Principle of Leather Softness Tester

A cylindrical rod of defined mass is lowered at a specified rate onto a securely clamped area of the leather, and the distension of the leather produced is recorded as the softness.

Test Standards

  • IULTCS/IUP 36 Leather-Physical and mechanical tests-determination of softness
  • ISO 17235 Leather-Determination of softness

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9006
Display Digital display
Load 530 ± 10 g
Cylinder Load Pin Diameter 4.9 mm, Length 11.5 mm
Test Range 0.1 ~ 10 mm (nominal)

0.1 ~ 7.6 mm (actual)

Gauge Reading 0.01 mm
Dimension 140 × 490 × 170 mm (W × D × H)
Weight 5.5 kg
Standard Configurations 1. Main machine   1 set

2. Metal ring φ20 mm  1 pc

3. Metal ring φ25 mm  1 pc

4. Circular aperture  φ35 mm  1 pc

5. Standard calibration plate   1 pc

6. Manual     1 copy

Leather Softness Tester Features

  • Configured with a high-precision digital display gauge, offering accurate measurement.
  • Direct reading of the measured value is available.
  • Equipped with a large-capacity battery, no need to connect the power socket when used.
  • The compact size allows the instrument to be easy to carry and use anytime and anywhere.
  • Rich accessories are available, including 35mm, 25mm, 20mm test ring, special calibration sheet. 

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