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Leather shrinkage temperature tester

Leather Shrinkage Temperature Testing Machine Manufacturer

Leather Shrinkage Temperature Tester is a leather testing machine used for the determination of the shrinkage temperature of leather up to 100 degrees celsius.

The specimen is heated in water at a specified rate until a sudden shrinkage happens.

It is applicable to all types of leather.

Users need to prepare the desiccator and vacuum pump prior to the test.

Test Standards

  • ISO 3380 Leather-Physical and mechanical tests-determination of shrinkage temperature up to 100℃
  • IULTCS /IUP 16 Leather-Physical and mechanical tests-determination of shrinkage temperature up to 100℃

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9015
Vessel 500 ml

Depth > 110mm

temperatures up to 100℃

Fixed Test Sample Holder Pin (30 ± 5)mm above the base of vessel
Movable Test Sample Holder Movable hook

One end is attached to the top of test piece, the other end is attached to a thread which passes over a pulley

Thermometer Graduated to 1℃, accurate to 0.5℃
Heater Heating rate of (2 ± 0.2)℃ / min
Stirrer Capable of sufficiently agitating the water in the vessel such that the temperatures at the top and bottom of the test piece do not differ by more than 1℃
Test Sample Prepare 4 pieces of samples

(50 ± 2)mm × (3.0 ± 0.2)mm, thickness less than 3 mm

(50 ± 2) mm × (2.0 ± 0.2)mm, thickness over than 3 mm

Leather Shrinkage Temperature Test Procedure

  1. Immerse the specimen in the glass tube which contains distilled or deionized water.
  2. Put the tube into the desiccator and evacuate it to maintain the absolute pressure below 4kPa for 1 ~ 2 min.
  3. Release the pressure in the desiccator and keep the specimen immersed for a period ranging from 1 h to 6 h.
  4. Attach both ends of the test piece to the different holders and adjust the thread, pulley and mass in accordance with relevant specifications.
  5. Place warm water into the vessel to ensure a depth of at least 30 mm over the top of the test pieces.
  6. Heat the water and maintain the rate of temperature rise at 2 ± 0.2 degrees Celcius / min.
  7. Record the temperature and the corresponding position of the pointer every 30 seconds, continue the observations until the specimen shrinks markedly, the water boils vigorously, or the desired temperature is reached.
  8. Record the temperature corresponding to the pointer’s movement, which is equivalent to a shrinkage of the specimen of 0.3% from its maximum displacement as shrinkage temperature.

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