Project Description

Rubber Rebound resilience tester

Rubber Rebound Resilience Test Machine China Vendor AT-R7006

Rebound Resilience Tester is used to measure the rebound resilience of vulcanized rubber.

The height of the iron bar is lifted until the pointer is at 100 on the scale, then release the iron bar to fall onto the specimen freely, and repeat this free fall for the specified number of times. Measuring the rebound height when in the fourth time as the test piece’s rebound resilience value.

An iron bar is suspended horizontally by four lines. Its one end used for the strike is a hemispherical shape of 12.7 mm in diameter, and the other end has a pointer. The iron bar is about 356 mm in length, 12.7 mm in diameter and 350g in mass. The height of the suspension of the iron bar is 2000 mm.
The supporting device of the test piece is fixed firmly. The dial is 625 mm in horizontal length and 2000 mm in the radius of a circular arc, and the scale is graduated by dividing 100 mm of the vertical height into 100 equal parts.

Test Standards

JIS-K6255, JIS-K6301-11 Round resilience test

Core Technical Parameters

Model AT-R7006
Specimen dia.: 28.68~29, 12.7(D) mm
Iron Bar diameter: 12.7 mm, length: 356 mm
Weight 350 g
Height of Suspension 2,000 mm
Dial Horizontal Length 625 mm
Radius 2,000 mm
Dimension 117 × 92 × 275 cm
Weight 70 kg

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