Project Description

FCT sampling cutter

Corrugated Fibreboard Flat Crush Test Sample Cutting Instrument

Corrugated fireboard flat crush test sampling Instrument is used to accurately cut samples of specified area. It is a special sampling instrument for corrugated board flat crush test. The sampling knife adopts a reasonable structure design, and the operation is simple and convenient, which greatly facilitates the sampling process.

The flat crush test (FCT) is conducted to evaluate the resistance of corrugated fibreboard to thickness-direction compression under specified conditions. The maximum force sustained by the test piece is measured when the increasing downward pressure is exerted on the test piece placed between two flat and parallel platens of the compression testing machine until the flutes collapse.

Test Standards

EN 23035, ISO 3035, SCAN P32, TAPPI T 825, FEFCO No. 6, TAPPI / AS 1301.429s.

Model AT-P8004-E
Material Stainless steel
Sampling Area 100 cm³ / 64.5 cm³ / 32.2 cm³
Sampling Area Error ± 0.5 cm³
Sampling Thickness ≤ 15 mm
Dimension 112 × 160 mm
Weight About 2 kg

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