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Perspiration Fastness Tester China Supplier

AATCC Perspiration Tester (Perspirometer) is a Textile Testing Device intended to determine the colorfastness of colored textiles to impacts of acid sweat.

Colorfastness refers to the resistance of the material to change in any color properties or the transfer of colorants to adjacent material.

The perspiration fastness tester is applicable to dyed, printed or otherwise colored textile fibers, yarns and fabrics of all kinds and is used to test dyestuffs applied to textiles. Besides, it also can be used to measure the seawater & water resistance of dyed, printed or otherwise colored textile yarns and fabrics of all kinds.

Test Principle

One test piece of colored textile in contact with other fiber materials is soaked in artificial acid perspiration solution, subjected to a fixed mechanical pressure and allowed to dry slowly at a slightly elevated temperature. After conditioning, the specimen is evaluated for the color change, and the other fiber materials are evaluated for color transfer.

Test Standards

  • Perspiration Fastness Test Standards: AATCC15, EN ISO105-E04, DIN 54020, JIS L0848, BS 1006 E01
  • Sea Water Colorfastness Test Standards: AATCC 106, EN ISO105-E02, DIN 54007, JIS L0847, BS 1006 E02
  • Water Colorfastness Test Standards: AATCC 107, ENISO105-E01, DIN54007, JIS L0847, BS1006 E02


Perspirometer Features

  • Perspirometer can be used in three kinds of testing methods, including national standard GB, American standard AATCC and European standard ISO.
  • The test frame is made of stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and durable, and it can test twenty samples at the same time.
  • It also can be used for phenolic yellowing tests.

Accessories included

  1. AATCC acrylic separator plates 115 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm, 21 pcs
  2. ISO/GB acrylic separator plates 115 mm x 60 mm x 1.5 mm, 21 pcs
  3. AATCC weight: 3.63 kg (8 LB)
  4. ISO / GB weight: 4.08 kg (9 LB)
  5. Test frame: 0.9 kg (2 LB)
  6. 20 plastic basins are equipped for pre-treatment of samples.
  7. The drying oven is available from us with extra cost, which is a necessary instrument to help in completing this test.

Test Procedure

  1. Prepare the acid perspiration solution and test pieces in accordance with the specified requirement.
  2. Put the specimen in the standard container and add the right-amount solution, then wet the test piece in the solution for 30 ± 2 min with occasional stirring and squeezing to ensure thorough soak.
  3. Take the specimen out and place it on a glass plate, then put 21 piece plates in the perspiration tester regardless of the number of test pieces.
  4. Place the weight on top producing a total of 4.54kg on the pressure plate, and lock the pressure plate in position.
  5. Remove the weight and put the perspiration equipment into a drying oven to heat at a temperature of 38 ± 1℃ for 6 h ± 5 min.
  6. Remove the tester from the oven and separate the adjacent fabric from the test fabric to conduct the evaluation through comparison with the gray scale.

The above is just a reference. Please strictly follow the procedure of the applied standard to carry out the test when you get this testing machine.

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