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Electric constant temperature drying oven

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Electric Constant Temperature Drying Oven is also called the hot air oven by people. As the name implies, It is an oven with the air circulation function to dry materials containing water at a constant temperature by electric heating.

There is a thermostat inside the oven to control the temperature precisely when the device is running. In order to ensure the evenness of heat distribution in the chamber, It is equipped with an air circulation fan for convection. Users can choose whether the fan is off or on based on actual needs during the use.

Whether the drying oven has a timing function for keeping a constant temperature is optional for users based on the practical demands. The hot air oven with a timing function can control the temperature inside the chamber constant for a period of preselected time, and heating will stop automatically after preset time is up.

An electric thermostatic drying oven is used in the laboratory atmosphere. It is applicable to evaporation, sterilization, baking, temperature experiment in the fields of medicine, automobile, mining, aviation, etc.

In order to suit different usage requirements, we supply various capacities, including 16L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 136L, 220L, 420L, 620L, 1000L, for users to choose from. In addition, both benchtop drying ovens and vertical drying ovens are available from Amadetech. Ultimate temperature allows 200℃, 250℃ and 300℃ optional.

Attention: Inflammable and explosive materials are strictly prohibited from being placed into the drying oven. The Vacuum Drying Oven is recommended to dry these dangerous substances.


Optional Configurations

  • Multistage programmable LCD temperature controller.
  • Cable hole for Test samples.
  • Independent temperature limiting controller.
  • Interface for printer and RS485 to connect printer or computer.

Electric Thermostatic Drying Oven Features

  1. Formed from cold-rolled steel and processed by argon-protected welding, the exterior is coated with plastic at high temperatures.
  2. Double-wall insulation keeps the heat from fleeing the cabinet.
  3. Adjustable Wire mesh plated trays are available for the placement of the specimen.
  4. It owns a simple structure, accessible arrangement of buttons and intuitive operation interface.
  5. Heat-resistant sealing rubber on the door ensures effective insulation and durability and easy to be replaced.
  6. The amount of air inflow and the air displacement are adjustable on the panel.
  7. Stainless steel or zinc-coated material of the internal chamber can be optional.
  8. Transparent armored glass on the door to provide operators with a clear view for inspection.
  9. LCD indicates real-time temperature and target temperature.
  10. An Intelligent PID temperature controller facilitates precision and reliable temperature control, Rapid heating up and maintaining the temperature constant.
  11. Fitted with a hot air circulation system to enhance the uniform distribution of heat in the process of drying.
  12. The oven has a unique air duct design that allows preheating the air to the predetermined temperature before entering into the interior cabinet.
  13. The maximum heating temperature is as high as 300℃.
  14. It supports natural convection or fan-driven convection.
  15. It comes with an alarm function once the deviation is beyond the upper / lower limit or power-off protection is triggered. The machine stops once any one of the alarms is triggered.
  16. Interface for Printer and RS485 are available to connect printer or computer(optional).

How to Use Hot Air Oven

  1. Plug in and place the test sample to be dried into the drying oven.
  2. Turn on the machine and set the heating temperature and duration time of constant temperature on the control panel (Timing setting is unnecessary).
  3. The drying oven will operate automatically based on the set parameters.
  4. After completion, turn off the device and take out the specimen from the oven (be sure to wait until the equipment cools before removing the test sample).

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