Project Description

Elastic belt band tape fatigue resistance tester

Elastic Band / Belt / Tape Elongation Tester

Elastic Belt Fatigue Resistance Tester is used to determine the anti-fatigue performance of elastic materials when subjected to repeated stretching to the utmost of elongation.

It is mainly applicable to elastic bands, elastic belts or elastic tapes made of elastic fabrics.

Test Pinciple

An elastic test piece is clamped into the anti-fatigue testing machine, repeatedly stretched to its allowably maximum stroke with the actuation of eccentric gear. The damage state is visually examined at regular intervals. The test is stopped until the preset cycles are reached, or the damage of the test piece exceeds the specified degree, to evaluate the fatigue resistance within the permissible range of elongation.

Test Standard


Main Technical Specifications

Model AT-F3050
Test Stations 4
Minimum Distance Between Clamps 60 mm
The Width of the Clamp 150 mm
Test Travel 60 ~ 150mm
Counter 0 ~ 999,999
Test Speed 65 ± 5 rpm
Volume 750 × 4000 × 5000 mm
Weight 100 kg
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz or specified

Features of Elastic Belt & Band Fatigue Resistance Tester

  • The machine is made of premium steel, and the working platform is treated with electrostatic paint.
  • It features a compact structure and a decent appearance.
  • The number of test cycles, test speed and test stroke is adjustable by the operator.
  • It owns multiple test stations to accommodate four specimens at the same time.
  • It is very easy for operators to use and maintain.

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