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Ozone Aging Test Chamber is climatic testing equipment. This Test Chamber is used for determining the crack resistance of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubbers subjected to dynamic or static tensile strength exposed at an artificial constant temperature to an atmosphere containing a given concentration of ozone according to relevant specifications.

This ozone test chamber is equipped with a metal rack with a revolving function inside the cabinet. The test sample is clamped firmly and stretched dynamically or statically in an environment filled with the ozone according to the stipulation of the referenced standard. The test sample is checked for cracks.

As early as 1885, it was found that strained rubber is liable to crack during aging. People used to believe that it results from sunniness. But later, they have found the same cracking also occurs on rubber products free of sunlight. In the end, after being analyzed, people solved the puzzle that the ozone in the air leads to the cracking of rubber which is not exposed to the sunlight.

Although ozone accounts for little in the air, it is the core reason for material cracking in our life. With the extensive development of rubber products, more and more industries have been attaching importance to critical factors of rubber deterioration. It has significant meaning to extend the service life of finished products. The ozone test chamber is an indispensable rubber testing machine to help in researching and developing countermeasures to cracking.

3 Test Patterns: Static Test & Continuous Dynamic Test & Intermittent Dynamic Test

Static Test

  • After the test sample is stretched by 20% or according to the specified ratio, then put into the ozone test chamber, the test sample is exposed to an atmosphere filled with ozone gas at the prescribed concentration for the specified time. When the time is reached, a magnifying glass is used to observe whether the test piece is cracked.

Continuous Dynamic Test

  • A. The test sample fixed on the rack is circularly stretched between zero and 10%, and the stretch frequency is 0.5 Hz, lasting for 72 hours. The operator checks whether the test sample is cracked.
  • B. The test sample mounted on the rack is circularly stretched between one or more specified stretch ratios. The stretching frequency is 0.5 Hz. The specimen’s surface is checked for cracks at specific intervals.

Intermittent Dynamic Test

  • The specimen is stretched circularly at a frequency of 0.5 Hz from zero to the maximum tension within a specified time. The test sample is kept at the maximum elongation and exposed to the same ozone environment. If necessary, repeatedly and alternately conducting the dynamic and static tests are available.
interior of ozone aging test chamber

Test Standards

  • JIS K 6259-1 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic-determination of ozone resistance-part 1: static and dynamic strain testing
  • ISO 1431-1 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic- resistance to ozone cracking Part1: static and dynamic strain testing
  • IEC 60811-2-1 Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables part 21: methods specific to elastomeric compounds-ozone
  • GB/T 2951.21 Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables part 21: methods specific to elastomeric compounds-ozone
  • GB/T 13642-1 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic- resistance to ozone cracking Part1: static and dynamic strain testing

Main technical Specifications

Modle AT-C1004
Test Chamber’s Inner Dimension W 500 × H 600 × D 500 mm
Test Chamber Temperature & Humidity Temperature control range: 0℃~70℃ adjustable
Temperature uniformity: + / – 2℃
Humidity control range: 20% R.H. ~ 90% R.H. adjustable
Ozone Concentration 10 ~ 1000 pphm + / – 10 % pphm adjustable
Ozone Gas Flow Velocity 12 ~ 16 mm / s
Velocity of Ozonized Air 600mm / s + / – 100 mm / s
Test Time 0 ~ 999 h / m / s
Dynamic Testing Devices Turnable sample rack’s stretch frequency: 0.5 Hz
Sample stretched in the loop between 0 to 10% or other specified stretch ratio
Continuous & intermittent dynamic stretch are available
Sample rack rotates at the specified speed
Static Testing Devices After the sample is stretched by 20% or other specified ratio, it is fixed on the sample holder, and the sample holder is rotated at a specific rate to fully expose the specimen to the specified ozone gas. After reaching the predetermined time, the operator observes whether the surface of the sample is cracked
Sample Rack’s Rotating Velocity 20 mm ~ 25 mm / s or adjustable at will

Ozone Aging Tester Features

  1. The clamping device of the sample and the inner wall of the test chamber is made of high-quality stainless steel resistant to ozone.
  2. There is an observation window on the door of the test cabinet, and a lighting lamp is installed in the inner cabinet.
  3. The ozone air generator is a silent discharge tube that can produce high-concentration ozone.
  4. The Amade ozone sensor adopts a world-renowned brand to achieve precise measurement and control of ozone concentration. 
  5. The ozone concentration can be set on the controller, and it is regulated by the voltage installed on the ozone generator, electrode size, oxygen flow rate or air flow rate.
  6. The temperature, humidity and ozone concentration in the test chamber can be monitored in real-time on the display screen.
  7. Especially dynamic reciprocating stretching fixtures are available, and the rotating speed and sample stretching speed can be adjustable.
  8. It supports static and dynamic strain tests on specimens.
  9. Humanized design of the control panel is conducive to being operated by testers.
  10. Malfunction alerts for emergencies are available to ensure safe operation and measurement.
  11. Configured with four moving castors for machine movement and fixation.

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