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James Machine

James Anti-slip Tester China Manufacturer

James Slip Testing Machine is used to test the static coefficient of friction of shoe soles and heel materials. It is a well-known footwear testing instrument.

The load passes through the sample to generate horizontal and vertical components on the test ground. According to the force balance principle, the coefficient of friction between the sample and the ground is defined.

Test Principle

Paste the shoe sole test piece on the metal block attached to the James slip testing machine, and then place it on the horizontal floor interface. The weight placed on the metal block makes the test piece subject to a fixed force. By pulling the control lever of the James slip testing machine, the horizontal floor interface moves forward until the shoe sole test piece and the horizontal floor interface slide relatively horizontally. The friction coefficient value corresponding to the relative horizontal sliding of the shoe sole test piece is the maximum static friction coefficient of the tested shoe sole on the floor interface, that is, the antislip coefficient.

Test Standard

ASTM-F489 Measurement of the dry static coefficient of friction of shoe sole and heel materials.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3019
Load (Weights) 25 lb × 3,  plus supporting members 80 lb in total
Test Plane 12 × 12 inches (350 × 305 mm)

The surface to be used shall be OVCT tiles or a surface agreed upon between labs

Specimen Size 3 × 3 inches, (76.2 × 76.2 mm)
Test Speed 25.4 mm / sec
Support Load 5 lb
Dimension 55 × 80 × 170 cm
Weight 180 kg
Standard Accessories Sample clamp plate   3 pcs

Recording paper  10 pcs

25 Lb weights  3 pcs

James Antislip Machine Features

  • Made of precision metal and stainless steel to ensure enough rigidity.
  • The body of the machine is coated with corrosion-resistant paint.
  • Strictly conforms to ASTM test standards.
  • Designed by precisely mechanical theory to ensure testing accuracy.
  • Equipped with a concise and clear operation panel.
  • Easy for users to use and maintain.

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