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rain test chamber IPX1

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Rain Test Chamber is testing equipment to simulate rainy environments for specimens such as electronic products or electronic components, mainly intended to determine the primary waterproof performance.

This rain test chamber is applied to IPX 1 & IPX 2 testings on electronic items, lamps, electrical cabinets, components, parts, etc. It is used to judge whether the test sample’s performances can reach the specified waterproof level, which is conducive to inspecting product quality, and helping in developing new products.

Test Standards

IEC60529 IPX1 and IPX2, ISO 20653 GB/T 2423.38 GB/T 4208

Rain test chamber IPX1 IPX2

Main Technical Specifications

Model AT-C1005A-A2 AT-C1005A-A6 AT-C1005A-A8
Rainfall Area 200 × 200 mm 600 × 600 mm 800 × 800 mm
Test Chamber’s Internal Dimension 350 × 350 × 750 mm 800 × 800 × 800 mm 900 × 900 × 900 mm
Circular Turnable Sample Rack’s Dimension Diameter 200 mm Diameter 600 mm
Circular Turnable Sample Rack’s load Capacity Max. 20 kg Max. 50 kg
Circular Turnable Sample Rack’s Height Range 200 ~ 400 mm 350 ~ 700 mm
Circular Turnable Sample Rack’s Revolving Rate 1 r / min
Circular Turnable Sample Rack’s Inclination Angle Horizontal or 15°
Test time (Duration Time) 0 ~ 999 mins
Drip Hole 0.4 mm in diameter
Drip Holes Spacing 20 × 20 mm
Water Flowing Rate (1 ~ 5) mm / min
Optional: waterproof socket for power-connected test

What’s the Difference Between IPX1 and IPX2?

  • The testing condition of IPX1 waterproof rating is that the test piece is placed on the turntable with revolving speed at 1 r / min, and the distance between the top of the sample and drip holes is not more than 200 mm, and the flow rate of water drops at 1 or 1 + 0.5 mm / min, lasting for 10 minutes.
  • In the case of the IPX 2, although it can share the same rain test chamber with IPX1 to carry out the test, the specimen is placed on the rotary platform with a 15-degree tilt. The duration time at each of the four fixed positions with an inclination is 2.5 minutes, respectively. The distance between the test sample and water nozzles is within 200 mm. The duration time is 10 minutes. Water flow rate is 3 or 3 + 0.5 mm / min.

IPX 1 / 2 Rain Test Equipment Features

  1. Materials of Interior and exterior are 304 stainless steel, rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
  2. Different sizes of test chambers are available to cater to all levels of requirements.
  3. The testing machine has a water storage tank with a water filter.
  4. An inspection window with tempered glass offers a clear view for operators to observe the test course.
  5. Nozzles for dripping can be replaced quickly and conveniently.
  6. A protective cover is installed under the needle to prevent the needle from hurting people.
  7. The water droplets drop evenly and vertically on the entire sample.
  8. The flowing rate is adjustable, and test time (duration time) is settable, and the turntable sample rack’s tilt angle is adjustable.
  9. Complete protection devices against electric leakage, shortage of water, short circuits etc., are available.
  10. PLC touch screen controller is used to provide precise control during the test.
  11. Equipped with wheels at the bottom of the machine as feet on implementing easy movement.
  12. Non-standard testing equipment can be tailored based on buyer’s demands, and personalized fixtures can be customized.

What Are the IPX Waterproof Test Ratings

  • IPX 1 test evaluates the waterproof performance of the sample under vertical raindrop conditions, which is the primary level.
  • IPX 2 test evaluates whether the product’s performance will be affected by raindrops falling vertically from any direction when the shell is tilted at 15 degrees.
  • IPX 3 test: The sample is placed on the test table, and the nozzles on the oscillating tube swing by plus or minus 60 degrees to spray water directly on the test sample.
  • IPX 4 test: After splashing water on the enclosure from any direction, the sample should not have adverse effects.
  • IPX 4K test: Increases the water pressure to splash from any direction to the shell and the sample should not have adverse effects.
  • IPX 5 test: It has the power to remove the harmful effects of jetting current from different directions.
  • IPX 6 test: Uses a hose nozzle to spray water on the sample with a high water velocity at a distance of 2.5 to 3 meters away from the sample.
  • IPX 6K: under the condition of increasing the water pressure from the nozzles, the test sample is splashed by water from any direction to the shell, and the water shall not infiltrate in large quantities.
  • IPX 7 test: Immerses the sample in the water tank and keeps it at the position of 0.15 meters away from the top of the water tank and 1 meter away from the bottom for 30 minutes. After taking the sample out, observe whether there is a lot of water seepage inside the sample.
  • IPX 8 test: Immerses the sample in the water tank. The position and duration time of immersion are agreed upon in accordance with the agreement. After taking out the sample, check whether there is a large amount of water seepage inside the sample.
  • IPX 9 test: Sprays with high temperature and high-pressure water to each direction of the shell to test the ability of the sample to resist high temperature and high-pressure water spraying.
  • IPX 9K test: Tests sample’s resistance to high temperature and steam injection.

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