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AATCC Fabric impact penetration tester

Textile Fabric Water Resistance Impact Penetration Tester China Supplier

Impact Penetration Tester is intended to determine the resistance of fabrics to the penetration of water by impact. Therefore it can be used to predict the probable resistance of fabrics to rain penetration.

It is applicable to any textile fabric, but it is especially suitable for assessing the penetration resistance of garment fabrics.

Principle of Impact Penetration Test

A volume of water is allowed to spray from a height of 610 ± 10 mm against a taut surface of a test piece backed by a weighed blotter. The blotter is then reweighed to determine water penetration, and the test piece is classified accordingly.

Test Standards

  • AATCC42, ISO18695, GB/T33732
  • AATCC 42 Water resistance: Impact penetration test
  • ISO18695 Textiles – Determination of resistance to water penetration – Impact penetration test

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-T4002
Impact Height 600 mm
Specimen 178 mm × 330 mm
Angle of Inclination 45°
Funnel Diameter 152 mm
Spray Head Holes 25 pcs
Holes Diameter 0.99 mm
Spring Clip Width 152 mm
Dimension 50 × 60 × 85 cm
Weight 10 kg
Accessories Weight  1 pc

Spring clip 2 pcs

Water tray  1 pc

Water measuring cup 1 pc

AATCC standard blotter paper 6 × 9 inch  50 pcs

Fabric Impact Penetration Test Procedure

  1. One end of the test sample is secured under the 152 mm spring clamp at the top of the inclined stand. Another 152 mm fixture, of 0.4536 kg in total mass, is fixed at the free end of the test sample. A standard blotter paper 152 × 230 mm is weighed to an accuracy of 0.1 g and inserted beneath the test piece.
  2. A 500 ± 10 ml volume of water at 27 ± 1℃ is poured into a funnel and allowed to spray onto the test specimen. The water should be poured into the funnel without imparting any swirling motion of the water in the funnel.
  3. Upon completion of the spraying period, the test sample is carefully lifted, the blotter beneath is removed, and then quickly reweighed to the nearest 0.1 g.

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