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Rapid-Rate Temperature Change Cycle Test Chamber

UN38.3 Battery Thermal Test Chamber China Manufacturer

Battery Temperature Cycling Test Chamber is also called the thermal test chamber, used to simulate the anticipated exposure to low and high environmental temperature changes that cells, batteries, battery modules, battery packs and systems would likely experience during service life to verify their safety performance under such conditions.

The thermal cycling chamber is one of the commonly used lithium-ion battery safety testing machines. At the same time, this battery thermal test chamber can also be used for rapid temperature variation simulation tests of electronic components, auto parts, home appliance parts and other products.

The inner chamber of the temperature cycling testing equipment is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure corrosion and rust resistance and provides flexible inner dimensions to accommodate your specimens. Thanks to the application of high-performance refrigeration compressors and nickel-chromium alloy electric heating tubes, coupled with mature refrigeration and heating systems, this thermal cycling testing machine can achieve rapid temperature changes up or down within 30 minutes in the range of -40℃ to +85℃ to meet your various temperature needs.

In addition, the machine adopts PLC programmable controller. Before the test, you are required to preset multi-segment operation commands on the LCD touch screen. During runtime, the system will enable segmented control and execute the program step by step according to the set steps to allow the specimens inside the chamber to be subjected to the specified temperature cycles.

Running graph of UN38.3 thermal test

Running graph of UN38.3 thermal test

We take the thermal test in UN38.3 as an example. After putting the cell or battery sample into the test chamber, set up the running program and start the test. When the heating system works, the temperature in the chamber will soon climb from room temperature to 75℃ and remain for 6 hours. Then the compressor is actuated automatically to start the cooling, reducing the temperature in the chamber from 75℃ to -40℃ within 30 minutes, and keeping it at that temperature for 6 hours.

The above is a single cycle. The temp. cycle chamber will repeat this single cycle 10 times according to the set program to complete the entire test.

Our temperature cycling test chamber’s maximum allowable temperature range is as low as -70℃ and as high as 150℃. To avoid performance waste and help you save costs, we will recommend you the model of the most suitable test range according to your test requirements or the standards you follow.

If you require to carry out a thermal abuse test on cells or batteries, please click HERE to learn more about our thermal abuse test chamber.

Battery Thermal Cycling Test Standards

  • UN38.3
  • UL 1642
  • UL 2054
  • IEC 62660
  • EN 50604-1
  • ISO 12405-3, etc.

Main Technical Specifications

Model AT-L5011
Temperature Range -70°C ~ +150°C (The specific range will be subject to your test requirements.)
Temperature Control Accuracy ± 0.01 °C
Temperature Fluctuation ≤ ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 2 °C (measured by the national measurement standard nine-point measurement method)
Heating Rate -40°C to +75 °C temperature conversion within 30 minutes (average temperature rise, non-linear no load)
Cooling Rate 75°C to -40°C temperature conversion within 30 minutes (average temperature rise, non-linear no load)
Cooling Method Air cooling
Test Chamber Internal Dimensions 500 (W) x 600 (H) x 500 (D) mm (150L)

80L/225L/408L/800L/1000L also available

Main Materials Internal of chamber: SUS304 stainless steel plates

External of chamber: Cold rolled steel sheet with baking paint treatment

Thermal Insulation Material PU foam
Power Supply 3 Phase 4 wires + reliable grounding wire

AC 380V +/- 10%, 50 Hz,12 kW, 32 A

Safety Protections Overtemperature protector

No fuse protection switch

Compressor high and low pressure protection

Compressor overload and overheating protection, etc.

Battery Thermal Test Chamber Features

  • The 304 stainless steel and cold-roll steel are used to form the thermal cycle test chamber body.

  • The door is equipped with a piece of thickened tempered glass to enable observation during the test.

  • It has built-in lighting inside the chamber.

  • A wiring port is reserved on one side of the outer chamber to facilitate you to power the sample when testing. (The port is blocked when not in use.)

  • The pressure relief port is available in the rear of the chamber.

  • PT100 temperature sensor and PID temperature control system are used to guarantee temperature accuracy.

  • Using nickel-chromium alloy heating tubes and circulation motors ensures rapid and even temperature rise.

  • Equipped with well-known high-performance brand compressors(Specifying the desired brand by users is available) to enable fast cooling and ensure the durability and reliability of the entire refrigeration system.

  • Fluorine-free environment-friendly HFC R404A or R23 refrigerant is used.

  • Fitted with a high-definition 7-inch touch screen for parameter settings and data presentation.

  • The control system supports fixed value test mode and program test mode.

  • Configured with PLC to allow the programming on test steps.

  • You can freely set each program segment’s temperature value and duration, the combination of program segments, the number of sub-cycles and total cycles, etc.

  • You can define the program name, and the set program can be saved for the next direct call.

  • Supports USB, RS232, LAN and other methods of communication. Real-time monitoring, historical curve playback, program editing, FRP upload and download, and historical fault viewing are available.

  • The data records can be exported by U disk and uploaded to the computer for viewing.

  • Equipped with a series of safety protection devices, such as extreme over-temperature protection, compressor overload and thermal protection, under-phase protection, leakage protection, short-circuit protection and so on.

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