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Different from the vertical type UV test chamber, Bench-top UV Accelerated Weathering Tester is characterized of a compact dimension which has no harsh requirement for test site. It is capable of creating an atmosphere full of aggregate ultraviolet at the specified temperature by means of 3 pcs UV light tubes as the light source to measure the weathering resistance of plastics, rubbers, films or other outdoor products. After the specimen is taken out from the chamber, the changes in gloss, intensity, powdering, cracking, blistering, fading are observed for judging the degree of damage to physical property.

Just same as all other artificial climate aging test equipment, the test results from the benchtop UV test chamber also can’t 100% replace the actual state in the sunlight for quite a long time, but it can provide a relatively reliable test result to evaluate the specimen performance, select and improve the material formula.

The core function parts consist of a UV source, water spray system and temperature control system.

There are two types of light tubes: UVA-340 & UVB-313, both of which are used to simulate the short wave ultraviolet. UVA-340 is a more frequently used UV source than UVB-313 because the ultraviolet emitted from UVB-313 is much too violent. UVB-313 can accelerate the weathering to the most degree, resulting in harm for some specimens during the test.

The spray system is designed to simulate the use environment more real, featuring an automatic stop after running for a preset period. Our UV accelerated weathering tester allows presetting the test temperature and keeping it constant throughout the test to expose the specimen to the given temperature to speed up the course of weathering.


Main Technical Specifications

Model AT-C1003
Working Chamber Temperature Range RT + 5℃ ~ 60℃
Running Time Setting Test time: 1 ~ 9999 h
Spray time: 1 min ~ 9,999 min
Spray interval time: 1 min ~ 9,999 min
UV Lamp Rated Service Time 1600 h
UV Lamp 340 nm (UV-A) or 313 nm (UV-B)
UV Lamp Power 20W × 3 pieces
Sample Rack 18 pieces standard panels, dimension: 150 mm × 70 mm
Spray Water 2 litre / min
Overall Dimension / Weight 930 × 460 × 630 mm(L×D×H), 75 kg
Power Supply AC 220V +/- 10 %, 50/60Hz, 1 phase

Benchtop UV Accelerated Weathering Tester Features

  1. The cabinet is made of precision stainless steel to ensure never getting rusty and no water vapor is coming out from the inner chamber.
  2. Equipped with professional UV lamps with irradiance energy of 0.9 W / m².
  3. The UV light tubes can be replaced conveniently.
  4. A rubber sealing strip on the door guarantees there is no water or moist leakage during the test.
  5. Fitted with a touch screen LCD on the right side for operators to input parameters and displays real-time data in the process.
  6. System language supports English and Chinese.
  7. UV irradiation time, spray time and temperature sample rack rotating in the cabinet can be adjusted.
  8. The microcomputer control system executes the test orders and monitors the running state precisely.
  9. Configured with various protection devices to cope with overload, short circuit, power cut, low water level, over-temperature, etc.
  10. UVA-340 and UVB-313 lighting tubes are optional.

Benchtop UV Accelerated Weathering Test Procedure

  1. Prepare the test pieces based on the relevant specifications and place them into the cabinet.
  2. Connect the water source to the inlet in the rear of the machine firmly, and a drain pipe also needs to be installed.
  3. Plug in and turn on the device, choose the language, and set the temperature, time and other necessary parameters.
  4. Click “Start” to actuate the instrument, and the machine will carry out the test according to the presetting until the test ends.
  5. After completing the test, water in the tank should be drained utterly, and the test area should be cleaned and dried for use next time.

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