snap fasteners on clothes

Snap Fastners on Clothes

The size of the snapping force of a snap fastener is directly related to how much force the user needs to fasten and open it. It is an important indicator for button manufacturers to control quality and improve user experience. If it takes a lot of force to fasten and open the snap fastener, it will be difficult for the user to fasten and separate the male and female parts of the snap fastener during use. If the required force is too small, it will cause the male part and female part to peel off automatically, which brings a very bad experience to the user. If you want to make high-quality snap fasteners, these situations are not allowed.

Whether buttons can be properly stitched on clothes or whether other accessories can be firmly fixed on the clothes affects the wearing and use, and affects the appearance. Suppose you bought a shirt you like for 200 dollars in a store, but one button on it has fallen off after wearing it twice. What a terrible experience. You may never go to this store again to buy clothes next time, and even you will never buy clothes of this brand again. It is a huge loss for manufacturers. It is not conducive to the reputation of the brand but also brings economic losses and after-sale troubles.

Buttons on Clothes

Buttons on Clothes

ornaments & buttons on baby clothes

Ornaments & Buttons on Baby Clothes

In order to be beautiful and functional, in many baby toys and clothing, designers inevitably design some small ornaments, buttons, or other small accessories to be attached to the products. We know that babies like to break or bite things by nature. Unlike adults, they can distinguish what can be eaten and what cannot be eaten. If these small attachments fall off easily and happen to be bitten by the baby and swallowed into the throat. It may cause the baby to suffocate, which is very terrible.

Do we have a test device to avoid the bad situations listed above?

Yes, the emergence of the snap button pull test machine has solved these problems. It can simulate the scene where attachments on clothing, toys or other products are pulled to evaluate whether the quality is up to standards.

Is is a testing instrument with a simple structure but diverse functions and accurate measurement. It can accept snaps, buttons, ornaments and other attachments of different materials, sizes and shapes.

The manufacturer only needs to mount the sample with buttons or other attachments into the machine in the laboratory to test the vertical tension directly. The force value of the attachment can be read directly through the force gauge on the instrument or preset a specified force to pull the attachment and check whether the attachment can withstand this force value.


Button Snap Pull Tester

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