The rotary vibration tester has a constant amplitude and is suitable for products with a single package. It is mainly to simulate bumps and vibrations during vehicle transportation to determine the damage to the products. In case of different road conditions such as bumps, uphills, downhills, turns, etc., the product collides with the product in the packaging box, and the product collides with the box, so as to further improve the product quality and product packaging quality.

The vibration of the electromagnetic vibration tester derives from the movement of the energized conductor under the action of electromagnetic force in the magnetic field. An exciting force is generated when the alternating current signal is passing through the moving coil in the magnetic circuit, and a vibration motion is generated in the magnetic circuit at the same time, which is similar to a speaker.

Its cost is much higher than the rotary vibration tester. The electromagnetic vibration tester is suitable for products that require high frequency.

This electromagnetic shaker is used to detect early failures, simulate actual working conditions and structural strength.

Electrodynamic Vibration tester

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